Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Business Spotlight

Proportional Perspectives on Work and Retirement

For all the window dressing the financial-service industry can add to the process, it is possible to distill the essential issues in retirement planning to two, expressed as a ratio of working years to retirement years. This ratio does not produce an exact number for retirement, but it gives you a sense of the task at hand and how long you


Motzei Shabbat January 24th

Wine Making/ Grape Growing during Shmittah  Congregation Shomrei Emunah  89 Huguenot Avenue Englewood

Hillel Manne from the Beit El Winery will speak

Sunday, January 25th

Navigating Parenthood – The World’s Hardest Job   8:00PM  Series of six lectures given by

Zadies Bake Shop: A Bergen County Treat

Fair Lawn—It’s a family affair. “I grew up in bakeries. It’s what I know,” says Adam Steinberg. Adam is one of the four co-owners of Zadies Bake Shop along with his father Larry, brother Josh, and cousin Eric. The Zadie in the title, by the way, refers to Adam’s Zadie. So saying Zadies is a family

Three-Legged Retirement Stool Has One Missing, One Shaky Leg

A generation ago, a typical retirement discussion usually included a reference to, or illustration of, the “Three-Legged Stool.” This was an analogy to describe the three most common sources of retirement income: pensions, personal savings, and Social Security.

While many from the

Basics for Beneficiaries

One of the necessary tasks after the passing of a family member is settling the decedent’s financial affairs. Some of these tasks are mundane, such as closing accounts, or stopping cable service. Some are mandatory, like reporting the death to the Social Security administration or preparing a final tax return. And besides these clean-up

How the IRS Views Miles & Points Earned From Purchasing and Flying

One of the most commonly asked questions directed to PEYD is whether customers have to report to the IRS the monies earned through cashing-out miles and points or report the value obtained when using miles and points for flights or other redemption options like hotel stays, car rentals or gift cards. This issue is highlighted by the fact

Tax Tips: Tax Breaks for Teachers

As a former student and now a parent of school-aged children, I realize that being a teacher is truly a thankless job. Most of your day is spent trying to teach and inspire students who would rather be anywhere but stuck inside a classroom. This is not an easy gig. I imagine that sometimes it must feel like a comedian doing standup

Retirement Serenity

For many Americans, retirement is a stressful topic. Surveys repeatedly show a large percentage of US households are nowhere close to accumulating enough assets to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Instead, they live with a series of nagging thoughts about the tenuous nature of their long-term financial future, wondering…

Jenny Wilson and Maple Street Financial: A Financial Planner for the Middle Class

“When middle class people use financial planning solutions that are designed for the wealthy, it can be like treating heart disease with insulin,” said Jenny Wilson, founder of Maple Street Financial. “The treatment doesn’t suit the malady.”

Wilson worked in accounting for many years before she

DAEN: Making Memories

Livingston–Despite a career in hedge funds, Eyal Bitansky’s passion for playing wouldn’t die down. On a pro bono basis, he worked as a DJ or–with his wife Anya as event producer–Including events for the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, the Friendship Circle, Bet Elazarki, Mikvah Yisroel of Springfield Mikvah Chana of

Disability in Lake Wobegon

In his long-running radio program, “A Prairie Home Companion,” host Garrison Keillor reports events from the fictional community of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, a place where “all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”

Keillor’s remark about the

scan2ship Revolutionizes Online Shopping

Englewood–The steps involved in purchasing staples to keep a family running are often complicated. Making shopping lists, choosing what everyone likes, and then carrying, moving items into cars, out of cars, and down to basements for storage are just some of the maneuvers involved. Since many families have two working parents,