Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Protecting the Machine – It’s a Business Decision

Suppose you are the CEO of a business. You decide to acquire a new piece of equipment, something called a Holographic Processor (HP). Securing this machine provides great revenue opportunities for the business, but also comes with some unique management and maintenance responsibilities.

The HP has several custom-built and complex software programs that, once

Dear Rabbi Sam

Dear Rabbi Sam,

My wife and I just became aware that our son, age 11, is being bullied and tormented at school.

I found this out when I entered his room and discovered him crying into his pillow.

My son is rather short for his age, and he told us that one of his “friends” at school has been teasing him and embarrassing him in front of his

How Grading Schools Will Affect The Future Of Education

An article in the Wall Street Journal this winter reported that schools are getting a taste of their own medicine. At least ten states have adopted programs in which they hand out letter grades to schools to evaluate their performance. Recently, a school in Oklahoma,

Whose Responsibility?

For better or for worse people often identify themselves with their alma maters. The association can be as simple as an adult asking another where they went to high school, and can be as intense as college graduates that have not missed a home football game in 25 years. We feel a certain kinship with meeting fellow graduates, and can talk about old camp stories for

Premiere of Moriah Student Film About Survivors Packs Keter Torah Masses

“You can study the Holocaust for the next 30 years and you can read hundreds of books on the subject, but if you do not get inside the mind and heart of someone who experienced a day in the life of the ghetto, someone who lived a day in Auschwitz or someone who said goodbye to their parents for the last time, you may KNOW a lot about the Holocaust, but you

Yeshiva University Celebrates 82nd Commencement Exercises

New York—Hundreds of students from Yeshiva University’s undergraduate schools were presented with their degrees at YU’s 82nd Commencement exercises, held at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ on May 30. Excitement for the future was in the air as students and their families hugged and snapped pictures in the crowded box office area, but a shared

Heimish, Spontaneous Folksbiene Gala Earns Raves

The vibrant, ever youthful Bryna Wasserman, Executive Director of The National Yiddish Theater-Folksbiene greeted a sold out house at the NYU Skirball Center in Manhattan for the theater’s annual Gala. Her enthusiasm was contagious. Where some institutions with as rich a history might offer a review of accomplishments past, the Folksbiene is on a rocket

The Real Value Of Borrowed Money

Many of us have a natural inclination to be debt-free. We put down as much money as we can when buying our homes and then we work to pay off the mortgage. Like our parents’ generation, we take comfort in seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, where we burn our mortgages and the monthly payment no longer hangs over our heads. But times have changed and

Media Kids Marlins Top Approved Funding Blue Jays to Advance to Championship Game

The Blue Jays, got the game off to a solid start with a barrage of hits by Miriam Rubin, Atara Neiss, Sarena Weiderkehr and Amira Isenberg, putting them up 1-0.

In the bottom of the first, the bats of: Chaya Ross, Sarah Yager, Talya and Ilana Markowitz, Shoshana Distenfeld, and Tovah Wieskopf, were able to put the Marlins on top, and the never looked back. The

Gotham Burger D-backs Take Bite Out of 8th Day Caterers Royals

The Royals jumped out front to a 2-0 lead early, powered by a home run by Devin Berman and some big hits by Aviel Yomtobian and Ben Greenbaum. The Diamondbacks rallied to tie the game in the fourth on a bases loaded single by Avi Eisenstadter. Gotham Burger then pulled ahead with a double by Noam Mandelbaum, taking a 4-2 lead.

Down by 2 runs, 8th Day answered

The New Crew - Ever Evolving and Storied Bnai Yeshurun League Team

The New Crew has seen quite the evolution over the years.  The team was founded as the Lancers, over thirty years ago by long time Bnai Yeshurun members Itzy Weinberger and Mike Roth. The name was changed to Pru Crew when Rabbi Pruzansky joined the team, as a gold glove first baseman. Rabbi Pruzansky has not played a game for the team in close to 5 years, so

Camp Shalom: Making Strides in the Jewish Camping Experience

While Jewish day schools provide children with academic growth, religious values, and emotional development, there is something special that the Jewish camp experience offers. A sense of spirituality. Of connection. Of intense relationship building. It’s a place where kids have a chance to connect with nature, to explore their own creativity, to shine on the