Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rabbi Lerman, his wife Bina, and their two children Rabbi Yitzchok Lerman

Temple Beth El of Rutherford welcomes its new rabbi, Yitzchok Lerman. Arriving just in time for Rosh Hashana, Rabbi Lerman and his brother-in-law, Rabbi Eliezer Perlstein, will lead services for the Yomim Noraim in the 60-year-old synagogue.

Rabbi Lerman hails from Brooklyn, NY, and has studied in Morristown, Canada, and London. He received smicha from Rabbi Y. M. Lau, former chief rabbi of Israel, and has led classes and outreach programs around the United States, as well as in Australia, England, and Israel. His courses are posted on YouTube and torahcafe.com. He is trained both as a Red Cross lifeguard and a volunteer prison chaplain, and currently teaches 10th-grade students at a yeshiva in Queens.

Rabbi Lerman will soon be moving to Rutherford with his wife, Bina, and their three children to take up the new position, and they welcome new visitors to the synagogue.

For more information about Rabbi Lerman, Temple Beth El, or the Temple Beth El High Holidays schedule, visit www.rutherfordjewish.org

By Josh Cohen