Sunday, April 30, 2017


Tips for Talking with Aging Parents about their Future

(StatePoint) Concerned about an aging loved one? Opening up the lines of communication is the first step toward preparing for his or her future. So don’t sweep difficult conversations under the rug.

Sometimes the most important family conversations can be the most uncomfortable to initiate, especially those concerning the health and well-being of an aging

Halacha and Sustainability

Sustainability is generally defined as utilizing resources to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable products and buildings meet the triple bottom-line of environment, social equity and economics (sometimes referred to as planet, people and profit).

The primary

Tzedakah With Caution: State Officials Say Watch Your Pockets

As Purim approaches and with Pesach a month away, Jews look for ways and means to give charitable donations to worthy causes. Unfortunately many unworthy causes have been clamoring for those donations—and there is only limited oversight in the State of New Jersey for many of these “causes.”

Appointed by Governor Chris Christie in April of 2012, Eric T.

Tip Tip Hurray

I suppose you could say my obsession with tips began many years into my marriage. As I got busier and busier with life, I realized that there must be better and faster ways to do things and began my journey to collect tips and tricks. I just love a good idea—and easier and faster ways to do things—and can’t wait to share these with my friends and family. Here are

Women of Power: Female IDF Soldiers Shatter Contemporary Infantry Lines

From the inception of the Jewish state to the present, Israel’s military has been anything but a male-dominated institution.

On May 26, 1948, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion established the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Less than three months later, the Knesset instituted mandatory conscription for all women without children. Today 57% of all officers

Eda Nurok

This was written by the15-year-old son of a Soviet emgire who works at the Kof-K. He wrote about his great-grandmother, a Holocaust survivor from Kovno, Lithuania.


I have nearly three Litas [Lithuanian currency] remaining, but I am not nervous. I hear more and more gunshots every day. The Russians are closing in on the

Our Place NY Hosts Inspiring Mountain Retreat

Nearly 100 young adults flocked to the Berkshire Mountains recently to enjoy The Living Room’s semi-annual retreat, a restorative and inspiring weekend that left participants feeling energized and renewed.

The Living Room, the young adult division of Our Place NY, is a 12-Step recovery style clubhouse for Jewish young adults, ages 18 through 30,

It Takes A Lot To Leave A Mark on New Jersey: Saying Goodbye to Rabbi Yaakov Glasser

New York—Thousands of teens across the United States and Canada have learned to take pride in their Jewish heritage under his guidance, but now Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, longtime director of NJ NCSY and international director of education for NCSY, the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union, is taking on a new role. February 1 marked the beginning of

First Israeli-Born Qes to Visit Rhode Island

Twenty-seven year old Qes Efraim Zion-Lawi, the first Israeli-born qes (traditional Ethiopian Jewish religious leader), will visit the Jewish community of Rhode Island during the last week of March.

Qes Efraim will be participating in activities connected with the Providence Community Kollel (Center for Jewish Studies), Congregation Beth

Memories of Another Bad Winter

As we suffered through another in a never-ending series of snowstorms here in northeast New Jersey, I was reminded that we just celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Great Snowstorm of February 9, 1969, also known as—for reasons that will be explained later—“The Lindsay Storm.” As bad as it has been around here this winter, that storm was

Mazel Tov

June 2013

Suddenly the bride felt faint. The pounding of the music was relentless as the band grew closer. Oblivious to her discomfort, tearful relatives and smiling friends hastily lined up in two long rows to face her while they clapped their hands and sang along to Od Yeshoma. As she smoothed the bridal veil, her mother leaned in and kissed her

BPY Honors Judy Heicklen: A Woman of the World

Teaneck—It makes sense that Judy Heicklen, President of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA), was initially trained as a CPA because her words and deeds actually add up. Heicklen, who today is also a Managing Director at Credit Suisse, says that what fundamentally drives her and Judaism is tikkun olam, repairing the world, and that is exactly what she strives