Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A Guide to Marriage: Finding a Shidduch, Making Marriage Work, Preventing Agunot

I hear constant references to the Shidduch Crisis. How are young men and women supposed to meet?

I met my wife through a mutual friend—her college roommate was a friend of mine from Bnei Akiva—and that is a great way. We network for business and we should network for “zivugim.” It is an honorable form of Jewish social

Graduation Day

With his long gray beard and somber clothes, Ruthie’s father resembled a rebbe or perhaps a mashgiach or a shoichet. He certainly didn’t look like a tailor, but that is how he earned a meager living. Ariel Pfeffer had learned tailoring in the Russian Army where he was trained to sew uniforms for the soldiers. Now, he sewed Kapotehs (long coats) for the few

Blue and White

In Quebec, the colors blue and white are significant. They are the colors of the flag representing the Province itself. Whenever we would pass a blue and white flag hanging from a home, we automatically would feel a tinge of hesitation and apprehension. Those supporting the blue and white—more than likely the Parti Quebecois, which is a political party aiming to

Kaifeng: From a Jewish Perspective

In the heart of a country of 1.4 billion people, a small community of around 70 native Chinese is on a long march to reconnect to its ancient heritage and traditions. The Jews of Kaifeng, one of the many lost communities of Jews scattered around the world, have once again begun to seek out their long lost heritage.

The community traces its roots back

Now Is the Time To Act

For the past six months, concerned community members have been talking about and working together to change the way our day schools are funded.

Since February, lay leaders and community members have met with more than 40 New Jersey State legislators to discuss the issue of educational affordability.Hearing the situation from the mouths of their constituents has

DWT: Driving While Texting

“Is it really that dangerous?”

“Everyone does it”

These are common refrains we hear when it comes to DWT (Driving while texting). Perhaps some statistics can shed some light on just how dangerous DWT really is.

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has found that that DWT makes one six times more likely to be

Staying Alive—Dafkeh!-To Offer Songs of Hope in Vienna

New York—Among the hundreds of people who came to Gracie Mansion to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month were leading lights of Yiddish theatre in America. Seated at a small table at the packed event were internationally known actor and singer Theodore Bikel, Zalman Mlotek, Artistic Director of The National Yiddish Theater-Folksbiene (and Teaneck resident) and

How to be a Great Candidate for the Job You Want … On One Foot

Be LIKABLE, SMART and DETAIL ORIENTED … and do it all with dispatch. The rest is commentary.

Bear in mind, however, that commentary has multiple voices. Ten recruiters can suggest 12 different resume and job search strategies. Choose the one that resonates with you and kick it forward.

In addition to presentation, style and great, punchy

WJC Meets Amid Unrest in Budapest

Budapest—I participated in the recent World Jewish Congress’ quadrennial plenary, where the pressing issues of World Jewry were deliberated. Traditionally held in Jerusalem, this year, in recognition of the overt anti-Semitism experienced by Hungarian Jewry (as well as much of European Jewry), the plenary was held in Budapest.

Holocaust survivors

A Journey Back in Time

Visiting Shanghai More Than 70 Years After My Grandfather Fled East From the Holocaust

Yosl Mlotek was 21 years old when only a few days after the Nazi invasion the newspaper where he worked, the Folksaytung, moved its offices to Lublin. En route, he heard that the city’s roads were blocked, so he traveled to Vilna. He lived there


There is an amazing bistro/restaurant/bakery in Montreal called Exception. The dairy food selection is great, but most outstanding are the desserts. Yum—trust me that there is nothing like it here in this area. They also bake the most palate-pleasing whole wheat challahs you can imagine. We are always requested by our kids to bring some back for them on our return

Home Decorating Amazing accents under $100

Small ideas to add big style and functionality to your bath

(BPT) - If you’re bored by your bathroom, you might think a total room remodel is the only way to make a difference. And, if you’re like most homeowners, you might not have the time, expertise or budget to tackle high-profile projects like replacing your flooring, vanity, tub or