Monday, June 26, 2017


My Father’s Letters to My Mother From the M/S St. Louis

Part 8—Sunday June 4, 1939

(this letter continues from last week)

Dear Wife, I cannot possibly reply to your letters today, since what I would consider to be correct today, can tomorrow be completely incorrect. Therefore everything has

A Thousand Years of Jewish Thought

Reviewing: “Books of the People: Revisiting Classic Works of Jewish Thought,” edited by Stuart W. Halpern. Maggid Books. Hardcover, 372 pages, 2017. ISBN-10: 1592644708.

Publisher’s Note

From Jewish thought to suspense, to Israel’s history and many, many

Ten Books to Consider This Season

  1. “Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud,” by Barry Holtz. Yale University Press.

Born in the land of Israel around 50 C.E., Rabbi Akiva was the greatest rabbi of his time

A Return to the Six-Day War in ‘The 28th of Iyar’

Reviewing: “The 28th of Iyar: The Dramatic, Day-by-Day Journal of an American Family in Israel During the Six-Day War,” by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman. Feldheim Publishers. Hardcover, 176 pages, 2017. ISBN-10: 1680252941.

In June of 1967, Rabbi Emanuel Feldman was nearing the end

New Book Disarms Israel’s Revisionist Detractors

Reviewing: “Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace,” by David Brog. Regnery Publishing. Hardcover, 256 pages, 2017. ISBN-10: 162157590X.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” wrote philosopher George Santayana

Plucking Apart the Holocaust Through Stamps

Reviewing: “Holocaust Postal History: Harrowing Journeys Revealed Through the Letters and Cards of the Victims,” by Justin Gordon. Six Point Watermark. Hardcover, 170 pages, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0-9978401-0-0.

There is no simple way to investigate, present or begin to explain the

Eliezer Sobel Creates Evocative Jewish-Themed Book for Alzheimer’s Patients

Reviewing: “L’Chaim,” by Eliezer Sobel. Rainbow Ridge Books. Paperback, 28 pages, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-1-937907-44-0.

Eliezer Sobel noticed that his mother, Manya Sobel, was not able to read and enjoy books the way that she had been able to before developing Alzheimer’s

The ‘Jewish Seat’ on the Supreme Court

Reviewing: “Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court,” by David Dalin. Brandeis Series in American Jewish History, Culture, and Life, Brandeis. Hardcover, 384 pages, 2017. ISBN-10: 1-6116-8238-X.

I came across this very interesting book about the eight Jewish Supreme

Dershowitz: When You Know Your Client Is Guilty

Reviewing: “The Advocate’s Devil,” by Alan M. Dershowitz. Warner Books Inc. Hardcover, 342 pages, 1994. ISBN-10: 0-446-51759-3.

Alan M. Dershowitz is considered one of America’s most famous Jewish lawyers, known for taking on defense appeals cases such as O.J. Simpson

Hiaasen’s Novels Are Perfect for Young Readers

  1. “Scat,” by Carl Hiaasen. Ember.

Nick Waters is stuck with the most evil biology teacher ever, Ms. Bunny Starch. She is rumored to have a collection of poisonous snakes in her house along with a lot of taxidermied animals. But when

Chana Stiefel Asks: Can Dads Be Sent Back to the Depot?

Reviewing: “Daddy Depot,” By Chana Stiefel. Feiwel & Friends. Hardcover, 40 pages, 2017. ISBN-10: 1250058899.

Chana Stiefel knows children’s literature. She’s a mom, she works in a high school, her husband is a pediatrician and she has also authored

Trilogy Finale Packs on Adventure

Reviewing: “Elisha Davidson and the Shamir,” by M. R. Attar. Menorah Books, an imprint of Koren Publishers Jerusalem, Ltd. Paperback, 193 pages, 2017. ISBN: 


The third and final installment of the