Sunday, April 30, 2017


The Impact of One Life

Once upon a time, a beautiful little Jewish girl was enrolled in a local synagogue nursery school. When it came time for kindergarten, most of her classmates were going to enroll in the local Orthodox day school. The little girl’s parents were very Jewishly oriented but were not Orthodox. The little girl was very sad.

Mostly Eggs

I feel like Pesach shopping is basically a scavenger hunt with a very specific list. You have all these things you need to buy so you don’t starve, but you don’t want to buy extra because of money and cabinet space and the fact that Pesach is one week long, and you’re not going to spend the entire week just eating

Sinai Selfie

On Passover, a key requirement is that in each generation, Jews should view the Exodus as though it is happening to them. For many Jews, that can be an awfully difficult assignment, especially for those attending Pesach programs featuring excellent entertainment, awesome amenities and, of course, countless meals. (If one

Welcoming New Guests

All of us, as a general rule in our community, are accustomed to welcoming guests into our homes.

In most cases they are people that we know from our neighborhood, our shul, our children’s school or whatever possibilities there are of meeting people and wanting to spend time with them.

Guilty Pleasures

March 14 will go down in my personal history book as a day that I never got out of my pajamas. This is unheard of for me. I am always running, doing, working, thinking, strategizing and planning. With all the excitement about the snowstorm that we were expecting on March 14, I was eager to decide how to spend my time with

The Haggadah: A Teaching Tool Throughout the Generations

There’s a wonderful Chinese proverb that, as an educator, a parent and a Jew I always find particularly relevant during this time of year:

If you plan for a year, plant rice. If you plan for a decade, plant a tree. If you plan for a lifetime, educate a child.

GreatFrumTrips Shares Unique  Places for Families This Chol Hamoed

Chol Hamoed is a great time for all, when families get together and make memories, going on trips and taking the time to explore places for which they may otherwise not have time. Courtesy of GreatFrumTrips.com, here is a fabulous list of places to go, unique

Tips for an Anxiety-Free Pesach Seder

Pesach night—or shall we say nights—is challenging enough as it is for mothers, who have spent the greater part of the last week/month (at least!) scrubbing down every nook and cranny of their house for chametz. Then it’s erev Pesach, biur chametz, preparing the matzah and marror, setting the table, making sure there’s

Suburban Scandal: The Afikomen File

A recent investigation by elements in the American Jewish leadership has uncovered some irregularities among many observant families concerning an ancient Passover practice.

The problem has nothing to do with eating egg matzah on Pesach, mixing matzah with liquids (gebrokts), eating

Pesach Cellular Responsa From Rav Shlomo Aviner

Hand matzah or machine matzah: Is there a virtue in using “hand matzah?”

Rav Aviner: For the purposes of “matzot mitzvah” (the matzot used to fulfill the mitzvah from the Torah of eating matzah on the Seder night(s)—TS), there is a virtue of using matzah that was baked

Remembering Passovers Past

Pesach is coming. It’s time to prepare the kitchen and clean all the pullets to get them ready to make plentiful pots of chicken soup. Out comes the well-worn, inexpensive red tea kettle with the blue cap and yellow spout, the primary colors that matched our kitchen wall covering 29 years ago when our first child was a newborn. I

Cleaning Your PC for Passover and Some Important Reminders

In addition to vacuuming your keyboard and fans for dust, don’t forget to physically clean your screen and fan for Passover.

Never use Windex on a LCD screen; the streaks will last forever. Here is a life hack: Use a dryer sheet and Q-Tip to clean your screen and