Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Matza on the Rocks

Carolyn Enger still doesn’t know what prompted her to tell her teacher that her family baked matza—on rocks. It happened in Sunday school at the Methodist church she attended each week. The lie landed her in big trouble when her mother, a devout Christian, learned about this bizarre prevarication. Some Jews would say the cause

Global Traveler Recognizes EL AL With Top Honors

Wins Best Airline Security for 10th Consecutive Year

EL AL Israel Airlines has been honored as “Best Airline for Security” in Global Traveler’s annual GT Tested Reader Survey for the 10th consecutive year. As one of the most valued aspects of travel, EL AL’s dedication to security and

Haman and Sons Convicted of Treason, Hung on Gallows

Editor’s note: Each year, the fifth grade girls in Mrs. Chana Greenberg’s class at RYNJ publish The Shushan Link, a newspaper created as a project-based learning project. It is written as though in the time of ancient Persia. Each year, The Jewish Link is proud to help train the reporters

Triangular Tradition

Other than the Bermuda triangle, no three-sided figure is more mysterious than Hamantashen, the triangular treats traditionally eaten on Purim and named after the ridiculously anti-Semitic Purim villain, Haman. The question is: why would we name such a delightful little pastry after such a louse? In other words, why name a baked

Read, Drink and Be Merry


The main highlight of this time of year is Purim. It usually means that winter is almost over, and like Mardi Gras before Lent (l’havdil), we have one fun time before going nuts cleaning for Pesach. But before we get to Purim, we publicly read Parshat Zachor, because no Jewish holiday can be

A Gantz Yahr Purim Torah

This week I’m going to take the time to address a question that everybody has about Purim:

Dear Mordechai,

Why on earth is Purim a month before Pesach? How am I supposed to get rid of all this junk food? We don’t even sell real chometz, you

FDR and the Jewish Refugee Crisis

Part II of III

In the first installment I described the failure of the Evian conference and commented on the failure of the US and others to come to the rescue of the Jewish refugees.

A young Jewish lawyer by the name of Gerhart Riegner, born in

Should I Convert My Old Tapes to Digital?

Although I know we all complain about companies bombarding us with ads wherever we turn, as my company has begun to expand I have also had to start thinking about marketing, exposure and sales pitches.

While browsing the ads on my Facebook page one day, a company called iMemories.com

The Turning Point: The Night of Purim

Because “v’nahapoch hu” includes your personal salvation too!

You see its imminent arrival with the frenzy of shoppers in the nosh aisles and basket departments. You hear its approach with the joyful tunes that play in the background. And you feel its appearance with the joyful thumping

Hesped for Walter Krug, z”l

This piece was given as a eulogy for Walter Krug, z”l, by his son, Rabbi Dr. John Krug, at his levaya on February 21, 2017/ 25 Shevat 5777.


My father, Walter Krug, z”l, was “ein richtiger Deutscher,” a real German, from Frankfurt am Main,

Bava Batra 35

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.


This week we learned Bava Batra 35. Here are some highlights.

Bava Batra 35: Would Halacha direct

Teruma: I’ll Take That Torah to Go, Please

Shemot: 25:15

It was a solid turnout for a rainy Thursday night. Almost every seat in the men’s section of the sanctuary was full. Some people had dressed up in their Shabbat finest, like it was a special occasion, while others had come in their everyday garb. But there was no question that it