Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Hidden Treasures

You have decided to sell your home. You have chosen your realtor. You have begun to sort through your belongings to determine what is worthy of packing for your upcoming move. And so the fun begins.

Decisions must be made on what to keep, donate, sell or toss. These can be painful decisions,

Favorite Newbery Award Winners

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg

Claudia Kincaid was tired of how unappreciated she was by her family, so she and her little brother, Jamie, decided to run away from home. But where should they go? As every good runaway should

Uncertain Times, Unruly Rulers and the Jews

Review of God and Politics in Esther by Yoram Hazony, 2015. Cambridge University Press. 288 pages. paperback. ISBN-10: 1107583454

In these times of instability and unpredictability in Western democracies as well as the Middle East, and of the rise in anti-Semitism, the Book of

How to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump

One of the most common complaints that I hear from my patients is how hard they find it to accomplish personal goals that they have set for themselves, and also how disappointed they feel when they fail at achieving them. I hear this from men and women of all ages and in reference to a wide variety of tasks varying from

Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser Project: Tzitzit for the IDF (and You!)

For my bar mitzvah project I am selling Performance Tzitzit. Performance Tzitzit are t-shirt style and are the same as those worn by the soldiers in the IDF. They’re made out of “moisture wicking” material that moves sweat away from the body to allow it to evaporate easily. As a result, Performance Tzitzit

Help a Young Woman Achieve Her Dream

Adi Goldman of Raanana, Israel, is a charming, personable young woman who dreams of attending medical school. For Goldman, however, fulfilling this dream goes beyond merely graduating from college with good grades and taking the MCATs.

Goldman, the niece of Jewish Link staff member

A New Torch Ignites Boro Park: Kollel Chatzos

The Boro Park Blitz Campaign will set klal Yisrael on fire.

Ever since Kollel Chatzos has become known as a sentry of shemira and bracha for its surrounding community, Boro Park residents have been clamoring for a kollel of their own. “Monsey, Monroe, Meron and Williamsburg are

An Unjust Accusation of Anti-Semitism Against Made Senator Robert Menendez During Friedman Confirmation Hearing

A recent op-ed by Caroline Glick featured in the Jerusalem Post (“Senator Menendez and the Pollard Effect,” February 20, 2017) leveled erroneous accusations of anti-Semitism against Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the nomination of David Friedman. These accusatory remarks,

Bava Batra 29

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.


This week we learned Bava Batra 29. Here are some highlights.

Bava Batra 29: If you do not have a

Mishpatim: Holes

Shemot: 21:33-34

Once in the town of New Milford, there was a pothole.

Now of course there was probably more than one pothole in New Milford—as northern New Jersey is famous the world over for the quality of its roads—but this particular one was quite

The Potent Power of a Parent’s Prayer

A mother developed a serious illness and the daughter and mother insisted that the mother’s father not be informed. The husband, though, argued that it was best for the father to be informed so that the father would have an opportunity to pray for his daughter. The couple approached Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein to resolve this

Ve-Shinantam Le-Vanecha (Devarim 6:7)

As part of the Shema, we recite: ve-shinantam le-vanecha, ve-dibarta bam. But what exactly does that first word mean? From the context, we would expect something like “teach” or “make known.”

How does Rashi explain our word? First, he writes that ve-shinantam has the meaning of