Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The Glass Is Half Full

We as a community are justifiably proud of our many day schools, the number of students enrolled, the number who continue on in Israel, and the many young men and women who go on to study in Jewish institutions of higher learning. While we may feel triumphant in our cocoon of insular Orthodoxy,

The Midbar—a Place of Change

Parshat Bamidbar

Sefer Bamidbar, the Book of Numbers, gets its English title from the Greek translation of Chazal’s appellation of the book, Sefer Hapekudim, the Book of Numbers. The opening words of our haftarah, therefore, are quite fitting, as the navi Amos begins with the promise

My Father’s Letters to My Mother From the M/S St. Louis

Part 5—Letter Number Two, Friday May 26, 1939

Translated from the German original

My Dears!

First of all I want to thank you for your telegraphic Yom Tov greetings. I hope, my dears, you spent

Lessons From the Mountain

Every day, when I step into my shiur room, I pray that I am able to inspire my talmidim to absorb and inculcate the Torah we learn together. As mechanchim, teachers and as parents, we are constantly bombarded with the latest fads and theories in education or parenting that will be the trick to unlock our

Yachad’s Northeast Family Shabbaton Touches Over 1,000

Over 1,000 people from 120 families attended Yachad’s Northeast Family Shabbaton on May 5-7 at Crowne Plaza in Stamford, Connecticut, and 140 volunteer staff helped to make the event a success.

“Yachad takes great pride in being able to host a weekend devoted to

Rut and the Redemptive Sounds of Silence

Human nature is such that we feel the need to respond and defend our positions when we have been criticized. Knee-jerk reactions are common, particularly when some aspect of ourselves is misrepresented. Knowing when and when not to respond is a dance that we play during our daily interactions. The matriarch of the Davidic dynasty, Rut, is

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is a film embedded in the psyche of every American. It teaches the need to silence outside noise in order to arrive at one’s essence. On Shavuot we were given the advantage that God Himself expunged the outside noise and brought silence to the world by Matan Torah, but during the rest of the year

As One Man With One Heart

The importance of each individual is certainly something we are all aware of. We saw at the outset of last week’s parsha (as well as countless other sources) that Hashem loves each of us, independently and collectively, and views our very existence as an opportunity to demonstrate that love.

Wilderness Survival Summer Camp Offers Jewish Outdoor Living

Registration for Summer 2017 Continues as Limited Spots Remain

(Sponsored by Camp Yagilu)

Based in the heart of the Catskills at Camp Mogen Av in Swan Lake, New York, Yagilu is the premier wilderness survival camp for Orthodox teenage boys entering 6th-12th grades. With

MRD Education Technology Offers Chrome Class for Bergen County Teachers

Teaneck—MRD Education Technology, a Teaneck-based consultancy servicing schools and businesses, announces The Chrome-Powered Classroom, a live, three-hour course designed to arm teachers of students in grades 2-12 with tools, techniques and strategies to use Google Chrome more effectively in their classroom.

Miracles in Front of Our Eyes

As we turn from Windsor onto Churchill on a day when the sun is shining brilliantly we cannot help but notice and remark to each other the breathtaking scene of the trees forming a large chuppah high up along the length of the street. It is outstandingly beautiful. Nina sings Wagner’s “Here Comes the Bride” as we drive along.

The Guys That Bind

There comes a time in every sefer’s life when you ask, “Should I bind this?” Except with bentchers. I guess staples hold.

For some people, this time comes right away. They buy the sefer and they bind it.

I’m sure the publishers are glad that they put