Friday, August 18, 2017


Clarifying My Very Pro TVAC Stance

Sometimes the most important emails slip by. Emails from the RCBC leadership requesting my signature on the pro-TVAC (Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps) letter were missed. I have been engrossed this summer in helping communities throughout the country with their eruvin. In the past four weeks, I have traveled to Chicago,

A Simple Question?

As most shul rabbis can attest, we are rarely back home the moment minyan is over. People often have quick questions or comments to share after davening, so my family knows to be flexible about when to expect me after shul. If I’m involved in an extended exchange on a weekday, I try my best to text my wife to let her know I’ll

What Is the Origin of the Words ‘Chatan’ and ‘Kallah’?

My daughter’s recent engagement led me to thinking about these words.

The biblical word chatan means both son-in-law and bridegroom. But most scholars believe that the initial meaning was only son-in-law, and that bridegroom was a later development.

Apart but Not Alone, Part I

Man is “wired to connect,” and when life’s circumstances prevent one from making satisfying connections, this can lead to a host of emotional and even physical consequences. Yet, psychological research and practice, as well as our Torah, reveal the positive aspects of “apartness” and distinguish between

Matos-Masei: A Matter of Priorities

It’s not surprising to find our parsha reflecting the period we find ourselves in now, the Three Weeks, as we are contemplating our 2,000-year exile and why it’s taking so long to end. Let’s examine the parsha closer to glean a few insights into our path to geulah!

The tribes of Reuven and

A Call or a Cry?

This week’s haftarah, the second of the “t’lat d’pur’anuta,” three haftarot of punishment that precede Tisha B’Av, is a direct continuation of the selection we read last Shabbat from the first chapter of Sefer Yirmiyahu. Given this truth, it is somewhat difficult to understand how the prophet could open the

Four Podcasts for the Nine Days

Perhaps you are an avid listener, like me, whose podcast app is stockpiled with 16 different channels, constantly updating with new content to grace your ears. Perhaps you’ve only just heard of the fad that is taking the world by storm, as major publications and radio stations shift their content to the new medium. Or perhaps

Rabbi Zlotowitz of ArtScroll: Rebbe and Chaver to Thousands

As we are about to mark the Shloshim of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz z”l, the founder of ArtScroll, who was born in New York City in 1943 and passed away on June 24, 2017, at age 73, it is appropriate to consider how much ArtScroll has impacted our community and to note some of its history.

Imagine a

An Eastward Flight From Poland in 1941

Part V (continued from last week)


As soon as we approached Mogilev, we sensed a mood of panic. The residents were getting ready for a siege by the enemy. Many stores were being boarded up, shutters

Medication-Free Depression Treatment Is Now Available in Englewood, Hackensack and Paramus

TMS Centers of America has just opened branches in Englewood, Hackensack and Paramus, dedicated solely to treating patients with major depressive disorder using TMS therapy, an extremely effective, medication-free, non-invasive depression treatment.

TMS therapy uses targeted magnetic energy to

Perfectly Imperfect

A short while ago, I bumped into a friend whom I hadn’t seen since college. She had just made aliyah with her husband and kids and was having a bit of a tough time transitioning her family to their new life. Understandably. I mentioned a couple of strategies that I had found helpful, and with her head tilted to one side this

Dealing With a Dating Lull

Dear Shoshy,

I don’t know what to do. I started dating around a year ago, and things are very quiet for me in my dating life right now. Baruch Hashem, I’ve been fortunate to have been set up on some great dates, but for the past few months I have not been on any dates. What is my role in