Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Food & Wine

A New Generation at Dunkin Donuts

Meet Brian, son of Anna, who is now working part time at Teaneck’s kosher  Dunkin Donuts. Anna is the friendly lady who is always working devilishly to prepare items made on the grill. Will this be the new Raj?

Say hello to him if he happens to be there on your next visit!

Cookbooks, Lovingly Culled From Memories of Holocaust Survivors

Joanne Caras was excited to visit her son Jonathan and daughter-in-law Sarah in Israel after they made Aliyah. She saw all the important and beautiful sights, like Yad Vashem and the Dead Sea. But it was a meal in a soup kitchen, where the young couple volunteered, that had the most impact on her.

Passover Flour Is Not ‘Completely Nuts’ Anymore

Pesach flours are increasing in quality and the offerings are not only more diverse, they are more healthful as well. You might even find that for year-round baking, you like the nutty flavor of quinoa flour or the “coconutty-ness” of coconut flour more than the all-purpose flour gold standard. In many houses, any type of flour

Top Five Red Seder Wines Under $35

I love Pesach. I have always loved Pesach. There are many reason why Pesach holds such a fond place in my heart; perhaps it could be some subconscious memory of my first seder when I was a mere 12 hours old, or my love of all things matzah and cream cheese related. It could be due to my love of

Pesach Is Coming, Ready or Not

I try to think of things to make that are versatile. These blintzes are great because you can fill them with cheese or potato as most people do. However, you can also change it up and use them as a meat appetizer or serve along a main dish as well.

Chicken Blintzes

Celebrate Passover With De La Rosa’s 100 Percent Pure Avocado Oil

De La Rosa Real Foods & Vineyards has announced its latest healthy offering: 100 Percent Pure Avocado Oil. It has been confirmed that De La Rosa has just received its first shipment of their Cold Pressed Avocado Oil and its initial release into the market is making quite an impression amongst the kosher community. Pressed from the

Manischewitz® Partners With Welch’s® to Make Welch’s Manischewitz 100% Grape Juice

NewarkManischewitz®, America’s #1 kosher brand, is proud to announce a special partnership with Welch’s®, America’s #1 grape juice brand. Manischewitz and Welch’s have teamed up to offer consumers 100 percent grape juice, kosher for Passover and all year round. Welch’s Manischewitz Grape Juice is

In Good Spirits for Pesach

Pesach comes with its many traditional dishes that most of us usually eat only during this holiday. However, most wines and spirits are enjoyed throughout the year with a few exceptions for this holiday such as Scotch, bourbon and beer, as these are not kosher for

Drowning Out BDS With Israeli Wine

Israel’s wine industry is thriving, and Israel’s wine exports remain largely very healthy. This is in spite of the fever-pitched efforts of the fiercely anti-Israel “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement promoting international punitive economic policies against Israel, and consumer

Lipton Kosher’s Secret to Perfect Matzo Balls

Englewood Cliffs—Ask any Jew with a Bubbe and they will tell you that their grandmother definitely takes the prize for the best matzo balls, or kneidels (kneidlech), as affectionately known in Yiddish. Lipton Kosher is out to make that a universal truth this Passover. Whether you prefer dense or fluffy, Lipton Kosher

Kosher Pop-Ups Presents Teaneck’s Own ‘Pies and Fries’ and Froyo by Berrylicious

Teaneck—Kosher Pop-Ups, a brainchild of David Rozner of Berrylicious, the Queens treat emporium, is popping up in Teaneck for Pesach! The restaurant, which will be based in the Avenue Event Space at 1382 Queen Anne Road, will feature an exciting array of non-gebrokts pizza and fries by Pies and Fries, froyo by Berrylicious, soup

At Every Price Point, Shopper’s Vineyard Recommends a Great Seder Red

Clifton—Shopper’s Vineyard, located at 875 Bloomfield Avenue in Clifton, is known for its wide variety and deep discounts. Though only 10 percent of the store’s wines are kosher, the selection is vast as the store is as large as an average Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods supermarket. Every major kosher label on the