Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Plenty of Kosher at the Catskills but Slim Pickings in the Hamptons

Westhampton—While vacationers in New York’s Catskill Mountains will find an unprecedented selection of kosher foods, not so for the elite who call the Hamptons home for the summer. Despite a growing number of Orthodox Jews who vacation in what some authors have called “the summer playground of the rich and famous,” the Hamptons has not had a kosher restaurant

Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink: Bread

This is Chavie, and I am always surprised at how my friends are scared of making bread. Although many of them are comfortable making challah, they are shocked at the idea of making other breads from scratch. But fresh bread is not hard or complicated to make and is so much more flavorful and wholesome than store-bought bread. Don’t get discouraged by the

Effortless Entertaining: Tips For Hosting The Perfect Al Fresco Dinner Party

(BPT) - Whether it’s in the backyard or on a rooftop, summer is an ideal time to entertain outdoors. The long days and warm nights create the perfect backdrop for a relaxing get-together with family and friends.

While most love the idea of entertaining, 62 percent wish they did so more often, according to a national survey conducted by Survey.com on

A Carafe of Joe

Whether it is finals, packing the kids up for camp or trying to stay awake after another late-ending June wedding, there are many reasons this month why one may turn to coffee. After downing three or four cups, one may be thinking, “This really can’t be good for me!”  However, you may be surprised to find out the many health benefits in your cup of

Mandelbread or Biscotti–Cookie Cousins…

Mandelbread or mandlebrot cookies are an Ashkenazi Jewish dessert dating back to the early 19th century. The word mandelbrot means almond (mandel) and bread (brot) in both German and Yiddish. In America, these tasty little cookies are usually called “mandelbread.” Twice-baked, which makes it crispy and crunchy, it has

Hints For Your Kitchen

Some of these ideas have been circulating on the Internet for a while, so we thought we would consolidate them and make them available to Bergen County Balehbustehs.

• Use old CD spindles, the ones that are used to sell bulk CDs, and use them as bagel totes or storage

• Freeze red and white grapes and use them instead of ice cubes in

Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink: Soup

There is something about soup. It is a warm comforting food that is relatively easy for the home cook to make. It is forgiving in the sense that you can add a bit more or less seasoning, swap in a protein or a vegetable that isn’t on the list of the ingredients and still have a delicious meal in a bowl. As the weather in spring jumps between golden sun and

Locusts, Locusts Everywhere, and Not a Crop to Eat How to Prepare Locusts After They Destroy Your Fields

In case you haven’t noticed, a plague of locusts has descended on the Middle East, affecting Egypt and southern Israel, mostly. (Israel is also plagued by head lice—ask any mom whose kid comes back with a head full and needs to go running for the Crisco—yeah yeah, don’t believe me, but it works the best and contains no harsh chemicals…Check

National Kashrus Agencies Work to Safeguard Kosher Integrity of Meat

CHICAGO — Kashrus officials from around the country continue to ponder the challenging issue of safeguarding the integrity of kosher meat. Last month, many of the officials participated in a conference call organized by the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO). The Orthodox Union, which certifies most of the kosher meat manufacturers in the

Eating Right When Money is Tight

All too often people attempting to tighten their belts in tough economic times discover that there’s a little more around the middle than there used to be. That’s because many of those cheap eats advertised in Sunday circulars are processed foods loaded with fat and sodium, while restaurant value menus often are packed with fried foods filled with empty

The Heimishe Household: It’s All in the Blintzes

There are thousands of good Pesach recipes, but I chose to share this recipe because Pesach is a time for family; a time for food; a time for passing on traditions. This recipe is a change from the heavy meat meals we are accustomed to. You might like to serve this as lunchtime fare a day after the Sedorim.

I passed this recipe down to my daughters

Devorah Yitti’s Mom’s Cheesecakes

As Shevuos approaches, we look forward to yet another Yom Tov spent with family and friends. Who doesn’t anticipate the one dessert which is almost synonymous to the holiday itself, cheesecake?  There are people who prepare it in a variety of ways, yet however it is made it seems to be a favorite of all, as it captures both the texture and flavor that we