Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Conquer the Pomegranate

Curried eggplant slap-down with yogurt, onion relish, and pomegranate, by Chef Mollie Katzen. Credit: Mollie Katzen.

In the traditions of many Jewish holidays, there’s a poetic relationship between the festival’s culinary laws and that season’s foods. While the relationship linking Rosh Hashanah with apples and honey never grows old, the

Sleepless and Hungry In Seattle

Seattle—The mild weather and ocean breeze are certainly great reasons to visit Seattle, Washington. Hiking, sports, fishing, and outdoor activities are some of the many extraordinary experiences available in the northwest. However, just like in many cities outside the metropolitan New York are, a there is a lack of kosher food available in the downtown city

Good Taste Paella A La Diaspora

My mother grew up in North Africa. Casablanca, to be precise. This was not by choice; during the Third Reich, Morocco was one of the few open countries for fleeing European Jewry. My mother’s Morocco was not the romantic Bogart/ Bergman variety, nor the National Geographic glossies of camels dressed in colorful textiles, sauntering across the desert. It was

The Classic Tea Party, The Formal Event

If you are a more formal, traditional person, or if you are in the mood for elegance, try hosting a classic tea party. If a dinner party is too fussy, and brunch is too early in the day, the classic tea may be perfect for a bridal or baby shower, a birthday party, an anniversary, or even something called a wedding album party (more about that below).

Israeli Startup Introduces Gourmet Dead Sea Salt

Kickstarter campaign for Naked Sea Salt meets funding goal in 48 hours;

shows cooperation between Arab and Israeli companies.

Adding salt to your food is about to become much healthier and tastier thanks to a new Israeli product that is dubbing itself the “the world’s healthiest gourmet salt.” It’s known as Naked Sea Salt and the

Back to School, Back to Basics: Packing Nutritious Lunches Beyond PB&J

It’s midway through August and we have a lot on our minds. Summer camp is coming to a close, the high holidays are just around the corner and yes, school will be back in session. With so much on our plates the last thing we want to think about is “What’s for lunch?”

Just ask any school-aged child what his favorite subject is and if he is too

Over the Kosher Kitchen Sink Back to School In a Wrap

Inspired by a recent meal at our new local kosher Mexican restaurant Burrito-lam (featured in this very paper a couple weeks ago!), I was reminded that meals in a wrap are a good Back to School and work item to highlight. Much like a burrito encases rice, veggies and protein in a neat package, wraps make quick work of a variety of leftovers and can be tailored

Tempeh Made Tempting, Vegan and Delish

In urban areas, we enjoy a far greater selection of kosher ingredients than any generation before us. Meat, dairy and pareve, we do them all with a panache that would make our grandmothers raise an eyebrow.

But in this 21st century of culinary choices, we also face the perplexing issues of gluten, egg and dairy intolerance as well as

Pretzels Anyone?

There are so many occasions in our lives that we want to bring a little gift to our family and friends. It could be for a Shalom Zachor, a L’chaim, a Refuah Shleima or even a Kiddush.

These meichels are perfect for that. If you are using them for a Shalom Zachor, just use the blue chocolates. If

Stay Away From Salad in a Bag

New York Magazine—Getting sick from bagged salad, of all things? It’s safer (and cheaper) to suck it up and trim and wash your own lettuce leaves: Experts at the Center for Science in the Public Interest say the risk of cross-contamination is high in packaged salad mixes — if pathogens are introduced or someone’s used contaminated water. This news

Kosher GPS: Modern Technology The Jewish Way

With school out and the promise of summer, people are vacationing all over the country, from New York to Wyoming to California. But for religious Jews, getting around has not always been easy, when they didn’t know where to find options for dinner, places that guarantee a proper hashgachah, as well as a minyan that would allow them to make

Seven Bites: The Fresh New Face of Young Kosher Cooking

New York—”If you hated being in the kitchen before, hopefully this blog can show you how simple and stress-free cooking can be.” This is the promise made on Seven Bites, a blog created by Yeshiva University graduates Sara Yitzhaky and Lindsay Wess. Following a commitment of “7 Ingredients or Less,” the blog offers a comprehensive showcase of kosher