Monday, June 26, 2017

Food & Wine

Warming Up With Elegant Wines

The winter is a time when we enjoy learning, reading a good book or listening to some nice, relaxing music in the comforting warmth of our homes. Preferably near the fireplace for those of us who are lucky to have one. The winter is also a great time to indulge and sip some full-bodied, concentrated wines while doing any of the aforementioned

Super Bowl Sunday: It’s All About Those Franks

Abeles & Heymann and Koshermoms.com have created new and original recipes to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday and all year long. Recipes include everything from guacamole to corned beef salad.

KosherMoms is a new blog site dedicated to creating family-friendly food and lifestyle ideas.

(Brussels) Sprout-ing New Tastes

You are what you eat, right? It’s no wonder that children have such an aversion to things like broccoli, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. Why would anyone want to be something green that smells weird, reminiscent of sweaty socks? And, of course, once you turn your nose up, it would be blasphemous to change your mind and give it a

Psagot Wines Mark Occasion of New Kashrut Supervision: Badatz Jerusalem Eida Hachareidis

To kick off 2017, Psagot Winery, in the Jerusalem hills, held a special observance of terumot and maasrot (produce offerings and tithes), attended by rabbis and management of the Badatz supervision of Jerusalem.

During the special occasion, thousands of liters of quality wine

Baked on Boulevard: Signature, Accessible Treats Delivered

Say you work all week, have kids in school and maybe a baby at home as well, and everyone in the household is running, non-stop. Now, close your eyes and imagine that you come home on Friday afternoon to find that your neighbor left a dozen freshly baked cookies on your kitchen island.

An Evening of Wine, Whiskey and Snow at Ahavath Torah

Despite the surprise snowstorm on Saturday, January 7, the sisterhood of Congregation Ahavath Torah drew over one hundred people to “An Evening of Wine and Whiskey.” Wine, whiskey, vodka and cordials were presented for tasting by Wine Country Stores, with several winemakers and distillers on hand to

Bergenfield Acme Serves Up Pareve Cakes and Treats

When Acme opened its doors in January, 2016, store manager Patty Suchocki promised the addition of a new oven for the preparation of pareve baked goods. This news was most welcome, as many in the community had been traveling to the Acme location in Passaic in order to obtain pareve birthday cakes for their

That Is One Hot (Dog) Chanukah Menorah!

Abeles & Heymann and koshermoms.com got together to share some fun and delicious ideas for Chanukah this year. You can substitute regular Abeles & Heymann hot dogs with uncured hot dogs or their low-fat and low-sodium varieties. Here’s the edible menorah recipe for you to file away for next year. Enjoy!

Kosher.com Aims to Be a One-Stop Kosher Resource

Kosher.com has just been launched as a new resource for all things kosher, with thousands of recipes, lifestyle articles and videos. Kosher.com is not only the first to create an extensive online database of magazine and cookbook recipes from such popular magazines as Ami and Mishpacha, but is also producing original recipes and

Enjoy a Velvety Vegetable Soup With Your Latkes

Creamy Cauliflower Carrot Soup With Crispy Pastrami

Serves 8

This soup is a favorite in the house and it is so easy to make. I love the creamy, velvety texture of the soup with the crunch of the pastrami. It is a healthy soup with the indulgence of

The Truth About Kosher Wine

Part II of II

Last week, we looked at the evolution of kosher wine from fine, to syrupy, and thankfully, back again to very, very good.

European Kosher Wines

Kosher wines in Europe have an ancient history going back over two thousand years. Little of its history remains. Today, however, many

Two Delicious Gluten-Free Latke Recipes for Chanukah

This Chanukah, liven up your potato latke platter with two diverse, delicious vegetable latkes that are gluten free! “We’re always looking for menus to be tasty and healthy for all—including students with special dietary needs,” notes Boys Town Jerusalem food services director Tova Rottenberg. “This