Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Food & Wine

Josh Chaitovsky Makes Cornbread Crackers With a Conscience

Josh Chaitovsky, of Bergenfield, has taken on a new project, making delicious food that everyone can be proud to snack on. The owner/operator of two kosher restaurants, including Lake Como Pizza, close to Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus in Washington Heights, Chaitovsky has, for the last 18 years, spent his

What Happened to the Sweetbreads?

I am not a fan of many of the delicacies of the past. People drooled over sweetbreads (organ meat from the thymus and pancreas??) and others could not get enough of kishke, derma, ptcha (jellied calves feet), gribenes (fried chicken skin with onions) and chicken feet in their chicken soup. Just writing about these charming royal treats makes my stomach queasy. Somehow

Dairy From the Desert: The Camel Milk Situation

A recent Dairy Reporter article about Desert Farms, the U.S.-based camel milk company, which is planning to expand its production so as to include camel milk ice cream and baby formula, prompted a flood of kashrut questions, with people asking how the kosher dairy industry will remain free of concern for camel milk content in dairy

Summertime and the Baking Is Easy

As the late summer begins to wax and wane, there is a myriad of fresh fruit available that can be used for either baking or cooking. Stone fruits, including peaches, nectarines, apricot, cherries and plums are in ample supply and are at their lowest prices of the year. There are those who enjoy grilling fruits on the barbeque, but

Who Said Red Wines Are Not Fit for the Summer?!

The sun is shining, the birds are twitting and the nights are warm. Isn’t it beautiful out there? While we are still in the summer, enjoying some refreshing rose and white wines, many of us are craving some nice red wines to go along with their grilled steaks, BBQ ribs and burgers. However, I also often hear complaints that red

Empire Introduces New Line of Deli Meat and Hot Dogs

Empire® Kosher has launched new line of natural deli meats and poultry hot dogs. The new deli represents the first-ever line of kosher, uncured deli meat products, which means they are produced without any artificial preservatives. These products are minimally processed, have no added nitrates or nitrites, and are made from turkey

KOF-K Kosher Supervision Gets New Mobile App

A century ago, the kosher food market was very different. Nearly all food was freshly made, “prepared from scratch.” Basic materials were purchased, and, with regard to meat and fish, the animals were bought and then brought to a local butcher for proper kosher slaughter, then prepared according to kosher laws at home. Now,

The Tisha B’Av Food Dilemma

Does everyone agree that after one or two bites (perhaps slightly more) following an entire day of fasting, we feel as though our stomachs get full more quickly than usual? Ironically, that feeling of satiation does not seem to happen on Shabbat when we gorge ourselves with large, gourmet meals. We just keep eating and heaping more

‘Hardest Worker in Teaneck’ Celebrates Cedar Market’s Third Anniversary

If you have ever been to the dairy section of Cedar Market, you have likely been greeted by Victor Santiago, a beloved fixture at the store since its opening on Cedar Lane three years ago. Santiago, as he continually restocks the section, always asks solicitously if there is anything the customer needs. He has an encyclopedic

Hebrew U to Debut Degree in Winemaking

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to JNS.org) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem plans to introduce a degree in winemaking in the coming academic year.

The program, recently accredited by the Israel Council for Higher Education, will offer viticulture, enology and winery-oriented business

Smokey Joe’s BBQ Restaurant in Teaneck Closes Its Doors

The fire has gone out for good at Smokey Joe’s on Teaneck’s Cedar Lane, the world’s first authentic, kosher, pit-smoked barbecue according to owner Joseph Godin. In an interview, Godin said the landlord refused to extend or renew his 10-year lease despite intervention by town officials who pleaded on his behalf.

On the

Eggs and Quinoa: Answers to Your Nine Days Recipe Crisis

Health gurus and hipsters around the world have been promoting “Meatless Mondays” for a number of years, yet no one does it better than the Jews during the Nine Days. Little do people realize that the concept wasn’t actually born out of environmental or health concerns, but rather as a war effort.