Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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A Bit of California Grandeur for the New Year

Forty years ago, in the spring of 1976, a seminal event happened in Paris, France, that changed the map of wine just as much as the American Revolution, 200 years before, had changed the map of the British Empire.

Steven Spurrier, a British wine merchant, then living in Paris, decided to use the

Smokey Joe’s BBQ Restaurant in Teaneck Closes Its Doors

The fire has gone out for good at Smokey Joe’s on Teaneck’s Cedar Lane, the world’s first authentic, kosher, pit-smoked barbecue according to owner Joseph Godin. In an interview, Godin said the landlord refused to extend or renew his 10-year lease despite intervention by town officials who pleaded on his

How Sweet It Is!

When we think of the Rosh Hashanah meal, perhaps one of the first symbolic foods we indulge in is the apple dipped in honey. It symbolizes our anticipation and hope for a sweet new year, a year that will be highlighted by simchas, successes and cheerful news in all aspects of our lives.

Indulging in all sorts of sweet dishes on Rosh Hashanah is a very

High Holiday Recipes for All Palates, Courtesy of Glatt Express Catering

Here are several recipes for Rosh Hashanah that I think the family and guests will enjoy. Of course these recipes are great all year around but I have picked all except for the brisket because they are sweet, signifying that we should all have a sweet new year. The brisket recipe I picked because my wife happens to love that recipe (even

Sweet Recipes for a Sweet New Year

Rosh Hashanah is a holiday that even Jews who don’t consider themselves religious often celebrate. While people pray in Shul for many hours, they do look forward to going home and eating the many traditional foods that we all love. Apple Cake is one of the many popular items on people’s menus. I am going to share my beloved Aunt Elsa’s recipe.

What’s Your Ideal Honey Cake: Orange-Scented or Deep and Dark?

Miriam and I used to live across the street from each other in Bergenfield, before she made aliyah with her family about four years ago. Before she moved, we had a great talks about food, recipes and specifically honey cake. We discussed how our family’s best recipes formed our opinions of this unique treat, the sweetest cake of the year.

Lipton Kosher Offers a Modern Twist to Traditional Matzo Ball Soup for Rosh Hashanah

(Sponsored by Lipton Kosher)

Matzo ball soup to many may be synonymous with Passover, but peek through the windows of any Jewish family during Rosh Hashanah and you are likely to spy steaming bowls of matzo ball soup gracing a beautifully laid table. Why? Lipton Kosher has the answer this Rosh Hashanah: the versatility of matzo balls and the

Our Global Food Chain: Wow, What a Journey!

I don’t know if anyone has the same fascination as I do when I complete my shopping and unpack the fruits and vegetables that I have purchased. What is it that I do? While cooking or preparing special treats for my family I always check where the fruits or veggies that I am using originated from. Everyone knows of those unnecessary

Royal Wine Introduces Boondocks American Whiskey

New York—Royal Wine Corporation is proud to introduce Boondocks American Whiskey, a creation from Whisky Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dave Scheurich, who has helped to create some of America’s most recognized whiskeys over

Bounty From the Apple Orchard

Nature is at her finest when the leaves just start turning fiery red and burnt orange and the smell of apples fills the air.

That little voice in the back of my head is begging me to ditch school and just head to the orchards. If only....

To me, this time of year means one treat in particular: apple cranberry crumble. Naturally sweet, crunchy on the

Rye Deli Opens in Springfield

If you find yourself in Springfield on Mountain Avenue and smell something delicious, chances are it is coming from Rye Deli. Figuring that out is the easy part. Trying to decide what to eat once inside is far more difficult. Owner Hal Robinson and his wife, Michal, opened Rye Deli this summer and are thrilled to bring an exciting new option for takeout and catering to

Bistro Classics Are the Stars at Riverdale K Grillhouse

An upscale bistro serving comfort classics as well as extraordinarily tender cuts of meat, Riverdale K Grillhouse was a pleasure to visit last week. Tucked cozily between SAR High School and Carlos & Gabby’s on Riverdale Avenue, the full-length windows were thrown open so diners could enjoy the light breeze on the late summer evening.

A perusal of the