Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Food & Wine

Chef Fadida’s Scrumptious Summer Dairy Strudel

Thousands of visiting tourists and business travelers from the USA have had the pleasure of enjoying a myriad of culinary delights prepared by Charlie Fadida, executive chef at the prestigious Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel.

During the

UrbanPops Arrive at Cedar Market

Cedar Market in Teaneck now sells UrbanPops, the increasingly popular ice pops. The delicious desserts are made in Brooklyn from all sorts of fruits, including regular and premium flavors.

The menu of flavors is constantly changing as UrbanPops toys with its menu to give customers something new each week. Cedar Market is UrbanPops’ exclusive retailer

Miracle Challah™: Homemade Without the Hassle

Noses everywhere sniff the air as Friday draws to a close, following the scent of warm challah baking in the oven for Shabbat. For many, this is the quintessential taste of Shabbat, the crisp crust surrounding the soft and doughy center. Not many people have the time to spend before Shabbat making homemade challah

Break-the-Fast Recipes

Enjoy these quick-prep recipes from our friends at Tnuva for make-ahead dairy items for your Yom Kippur break fast.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Sour Cream

Servings: 4-6

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

10 large red peppers

½ package (3.5 oz) butter

4 cloves of

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Introduces The Garden Terrace

The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem announced the official opening of its latest culinary offering—The Garden Terrace. Located on the rooftop of the restored historic building, The Garden Terrace takes advantage of the cool air of Jerusalem’s evenings while ensuring a sense of quiet seclusion just above the

‘Mom’s Chicken’: Succulent Solutions for the Holidays and Year Round

If you are looking for a simple and delicious culinary solution for family and friends during the upcoming holiday season, you’ll relish the succulent selection of Tnuva’s Mom’s Chicken products, which are available at local supermarkets. The Mom’s Chicken series of products, which include Grilled Seasoned Chicken Tenders, Chicken Breast Jungle Breaded

Are You Grilling With the Top-Tasting Hot Dog This Summer?

Who knew that Oscar Abeles & Leopold Heymann, an uncle and nephew who opened a butcher store in Washington Heights, NY in 1954, would go on to produce one of the best-tasting kosher hot dogs, still beating out the competition more than a half century later? Known as Abeles & Heymann (A & H),

The Art of Brewing Tea

Forget morning coffee; instead choose tea. Served hot or iced, tea is a beverage that can be paired with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some popular varieties of teas available on the market are oolong, green, black, white and herbal tea. Oolong, green, black and white tea are all made from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis, but for each type of tea the leaf has been

New Take on a Classic: PB&J Bowls

PB&J sandwiches are a childhood staple, one that follows many into adulthood. But as health has taken the forefront, the old sandwich has gotten demoted to the back burner. It’s simple to revive the delicious combination of fl avors, without compromising on necessary nutrients, creating an even more memorable meal that you can serve proudly at any table.

2012 Yarden Katzrin: A Premium Wine That Is Now an Israeli Icon

Ever since the Golan Heights Winery created the lush, upscale Yarden Katzrin wine brand in the 1990s, connoisseurs of fi ne wines have eagerly anticipated the release of each new vintage. Recently, the Golan Heights Winery released its newest edition— 2012 Yarden Katzrin—which lovers of premium red wines will be able to relish for years.

The 2012 Yarden

A New ‘Dinner’ From Shabbat Leftovers

So it’s a Monday night, and I really shouldn’t have to cook because there is leftover sliced corned beef, brown rice with onions, roasted butternut squash, chicken soup and a kale salad. Sounds like a delicious meal, no? No. I guarantee you that if I put this delicious meal on the table I will get a raised eyebrow, a flared nostril and some exaggerated deep

Israeli Wines Sweep Dusseldorf Wine Competition

Israel once again proved it can produce world-class wines, with Israeli wineries winning four gold medals and five silver at the international Mundus Vini Competition held this week in Dusseldorf, Germany.

More than 5,000 wines from all major winemaking regions compete at the Mundus Vini competition in multiple categories, making it one of the most significant