Friday, August 18, 2017


Is Your Digital Information Safe?

While most of us use a computer or smartphone six days a week, we usually don’t think about cyber security, but maybe we should. As our lives become more dependent on the internet, and more items in our homes, such as our kitchen appliances, are connected to the internet, our homes and lives have become much more open to the

Camp Dora Golding Visits NJ’s Newest Attraction

This past week, Camp Dora Golding’s CIT Division visited TreEscape. Located in Vernon, New Jersey, TreEscape is the newest member of the Mountain Creek Resort Family. Consisting of interconnected wooden platforms high up in the trees, elevated rope walks, obstacles, climbing elements and zip lines are all available for

Chesed Is a Priority at Camp 613

Camp 613 used the summer to focus on two acts of chesed. First, campers participated in the camp’s annual Tuna Can Drive. They collected cans of tuna which were then donated to Chesed 24/7 for use in stocking hospital bikur cholim rooms. Then they partnered with Yachad to host an epic Color Run. Campers

Color War Is Fun at Camp Moshava Ba’ir

Teams Melech and Shofet battled it out in an awesome two-day color war at Moshava Ba’ir.


Friendship Circle Comes To Union Y Camp

Rabbi Yisroel Rosenblum of Friendship Circle of NJ’s Living Legacy Program gave the Kinneret boys a final lesson in the Mezuzah Workshop.


Chai Riders Motorcyclists Visit Camp HASC

This past Sunday was a very special day that will long be remembered by the campers and counselors at Camp HASC. Dozens of Jewish motorcyclists, representing the Chai Rider Motorcycle Club of NY/NJ, visited the campus in Parksville, New York. The children were excited to see and touch

Campers at Chabad Kiddie Camp of Teaneck Love Woodworking

Camp Gan Israel of Highland Park Has Another Awesome Week

Special Activities Entertain Campers at Camp Ashreinu

Camp Ashreinu has a myriad of special activities each week, including instructional swim, science, movement, music, Zumba and nature with live mammals and reptiles.


MTA’s Summer Tour Heads to Israel

FDU Yeshiva Students Visit Citi Field

Prof. Ira Jaskoll attended the Mets-Texas Rangers game with his FDU Yeshiva students and their wives. They were able to see the Mets win in an exciting game and also meet a member of the Mets organization, Hannah Conkle. She described to the students what she does for the Mets and how she was able to secure the position. The FDU

Camp 613 Lives Up to Its Name

The Camp 613 learning staff, including Rabbi Shlomo Hyman, Rabbi Willie Balk and Rochie Sommer, teaches campers Torah on their level. Though school is out, the amount of learning—both formal and informal—that happens at camp is tremendous! Preschool has a middah of the week, including topics such as kiddush