Friday, August 18, 2017


Letter Writers Disagree on Assumptions, Not Facts

It is interesting to see how the articles by Rabbi Jeremy Wieder and by Ariel Herzog on racism in the Orthodox community (December 1, 2016) acted almost as Rorschach tests, at least judging by the letters in response (December 8, 2016). Much of what those letters addressed was not actually written or even inferred in the

Mitchell First Should Keep Those Etymologies Coming

Your erudite articles focusing on the etymologies of words are quite interesting (“Sharing Some Interesting English Word Origins,” December 8, 2016). I always found it interesting how some names are inadvertently associated or connected. For example, Rev Newberger’s shul is on Newbridge Road, and Rabbi Engle, former rabbi of Kesher,

Thank You for the Allergy Sensitive Recipe

I want to thank Mrs. Elizabeth Kratz for writing an article last week about allergies (“Celebrating Recipes That Don’t

Why Are Orthodox People Who Voted for Trump Assumed to Be Racists?

I sent this to a local board after the moderator urged the readers to read the article “Racism in the Orthodox Community,” (December 1, 2016) that was published in The Jewish Link and after another reader, Gary, has shared his bad experience regarding his own family. Then, I thought that my answer would reflect what many of the

Rabbi Wieder Should Focus his Racism Lens Away From the Orthodox Community

According to Rabbi Jeremy Wieder, “racism runs deep in the Orthodox community,” as noted in his article, “Racism in the Orthodox Community,” (December 1, 2016), And although he admits that “I can’t tell you numbers,” racism among the Orthodox is a “very, very real issue.” Having failed to cite even one piece of scientific

President-Elect Trump Is About Protecting the American People

Regarding Ariel Herzog’s “The Silent Epidemic,” (December 1, 2016), I say to him and others who have misquoted President-elect Trump: It is not an ethical issue, it seems, but rather lashon hara for not quoting Trump himself—instead, perhaps, quoting the New York Times or the Jewish Week. Mr. Trump has said over and over again that

Support Project Ezrah at Annual Dinner

Nobody plans to fail. We all graduate college with plans to change the world, to make our mark, to have a grand house, a successful career, money in the bank and a big nest egg for when we retire.

But then something happens that gets in the way. It’s called life.

Modern Orthodox Jews Must Rally Around Rabbi Berman’s YU Appointment

Kudos to the editorial staff of The Jewish Link for imploring our community to support Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, the President-elect of Yeshiva University (“Support for YU’s New President,” November 17, 2016). While much attention has understandably been directed toward the President-elect of the United States these last

Correcting My Holocaust Narrative

I want to thank Pearl Markovitz for having given me the opportunity to tell my Holocaust story recently at Teaneck High School, as well as for the article she submitted to the Jewish Link (“Kristallnacht Witness Norbert Strauss Addresses Commemoration at Teaneck High School,” November 23, 2016).

I am

Call Your State Senators Regarding the Assisted Suicide Bill

On Thursday, November 3, the New Jersey Senate held a hearing on assisted suicide in the health committee. This came after the bill passed the assembly by only one vote. Days before the hearing they had announced that there would only be a hearing and will not be holding a vote on the bill, but only an hour before the hearing was scheduled

Garrett’s Pro-Israel Representation Will Be Missed

I was disappointed to hear that Congressman Scott Garrett had not prevailed in his re-election bid. Garrett was a staunch advocate of issues pertaining to the pro-Israel community. He worked assiduously for a united Jerusalem, for strengthening the US-Israel alliance, against the threat of terrorism and in opposition to the Iran nuclear

Election Reflections Shared With Excitement, Gratitude and Admiration

Another election cycle has drawn to a close and the American people have chosen Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. Many voters, of divergent political leanings, have expressed gratitude that the months of campaigning have finally wrapped up. Yet I am grateful for something else, and it’s meaningful to me