Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Impacting Adolescents Part 2: There’s No Faking It

I once had a student who after spending a year studying in yeshi­va in Israel came back to visit. We discussed how his year had gone and he described that it was very successful, he felt really inspired. In par­ticular there was one sefer that really impact­ed him.

“Rabbi,” he said, “you know you should re­ally learn this with your students; it’s an

Unbearable Sorrow, Unbreakable Strength

I do not believe in words at times like these, and so I remained silent. I listened to the news, for five minutes? Ten minutes? An hour?

I do not believe in understanding at times like these. And so I did not try to grasp it, or to comprehend what it could possibly mean.

Only 24 hours ago I heard the words of our boys’

Talking to Your Babies Could Help Them Do Better at School

The rate at which children learn lan­guage varies substantially from child to child. Some children show rapid vocabulary growth before they go to school, while others learn so slowly that they can end up six months to a year behind their peers.

Surely this doesn’t really matter, does it? We all learn to speak well enough eventually, so we could be

Nursery Graduation and Other Fine Moments in Life

It’s that time of year again, the time where we are forced to spend hours of our lives at­tending scintillating graduations. Some are more boring than others; some have speeches, some have songs, some have the painfully shy kid who can’t face the crowd. Well, most graduations that I go to have this kid, because it is usually my own.

Which is why I was

Does My Child Have Friends?

Here’s a pretty common scenario: Your child comes home from school. You ask him, “Who did you play with today?” The answer you often get is, “Nobody.” Before you panic, thinking your child has no friends, and that the answer always seems to be the same, take a step back, and think about the following: Your child may need a while to unwind after a long school

Let It Snow

I hope I am not stoned for saying this, but I really like snow days. I have waited to make this confession until spring has arrived to not anger those people who are outdoors, knee-deep with a snow shovel, or home with kids who are going stir crazy. Or those who have baked so many cookies, the only flour left in the house is a thin dusting coating every

Parenting and Technology

In our last article, we spoke about some parenting challenges as relating to technology. The following three examples were cited:

The father who needed to be on his i-Phone during time at home with his children

The parents who were concerned with their child’s constant ‘obsession’ with their Facebook profile

The parents who were concerned

Practical Parenting: Becoming A Love & Logic Parent

“Come back here, Moshe!”

“I mean it, Moshe!”

“You better listen to me, Moshe, or else!”

“I’m not kidding, Moshe!”

“That’s it, Moshe!”

“That’s it! Moshe you’re grounded for two months!”

Does it sometimes seem as though our children sneak out their bedroom windows at 3 a.m. under the cover of

Parenting and Technology: Shifting Our Belief System

One of the ‘hot topics’ now in child and family mental health is discussing how children are impacted by technology. It is something that is on the forefront of everyone’s mind and most probably ‘pops in’ to the discussion at our Shabbos tables. Technology has been introduced to our world and has also been introduced to our classrooms and educational

The Ugliest Dress

Today, in celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut, my daughter swiped pink and purple makeup on her eyelids, wore a pair of too-big fancy shoes, and a Shabbos dress I purchased before Pesach, that actually looks like a combination of a nightgown and a Shvimkleid. I had previously tried to demote the dress from its Shabbos-status to a dusting-rag, but somehow the cleaning lady

Nightly Investment

“Check on me!” one of my young children beseeches me on an almost nightly basis, after shema time and the routinely allotted resting period I have in each child’s bed. “Check on me in like seven minutes….” Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Admittedly, it is hard to pause in the early moments of my newfound freedom when I am heavily

Tips for a Peaceful Home on Yom Tov

A number of years ago, a parent of teenagers and adult children once told a group at a Shabbos table that she was going to suggest that famed children’s book writers Stan and Jan Berenstain (now sadly, gone) write a new book called the Berenstain Bears and Too Much Yom Tov.

While an ideal Pesach might present an image of a perfectly arranged Yom