Saturday, July 22, 2017

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The Jacketless Ones

My kids have strange clothing preferences: One daughter won’t wear tights, ever. One wears tights, all the time, even in the humidity of summer. One only wears pencil skirts; the other finds them to be restrictive to her cartwheeling-in-public habit. A third child (boy) only wears short sleeves, and sweaters, vests, ties, and

Webinar Helps Parents Cope with Bullying and More

Dr. Rona Novick knows how eager parents are to better understand the issues that surround bullying. “There is nothing more important to parents than their children’s safety and happiness. Any parent who has witnessed the impact of their child being the victim of teasing or social exclusion or has seen their own child act in less than

Social Challenges; Navigating Peer Groups

I was recently asked the following question by a parent: “How do I handle a situation where a certain boy always is hanging around my son? My son really doesn’t mind hanging out with him, but feels that their friendship hurts his friendship with other kids who do not like this particular kid. He doesn’t want to hurt his feelings by

The Eternal Thumb-Sucker

I have a child who sucks her thumb. She began at 4 months old and did it constantly, for three years straight, and it was wonderful because it kept her quiet, eliminated the need for toys or food, and she always put herself to bed. But the thing is with these habits, sometimes they come along with other, less adorable quirks, which

Holiday Reflections

As we begin to think back to how much food we may have consumed during the holiday, we can also take a few minutes to think back as to how much quality time we spent with our children throughout the holiday season. The holidays allow parents the opportunity for focused attention with their child, something that is not prevalent or available

The No-Curricular Extra-Curricular

Imagine if there was a secret trick for you to save tons of money each week. And this trick also magically reduces your family’s stress levels, eliminates complex carpools, causes your children to be more creative and productive, and promotes healthy development. Would you sign up?

Judging by

ADHD Diagnosis is in the Eyes

A new study from Tel Aviv University, University of Haifa, and Sheba Medical Center shows that involuntary eye movements accurately reflect the presence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), as well as the benefits of medical stimulants that are used to treat the disorder.

The National Institute of Mental Health says there is no one test

The Dread and Doom of Scholastic Book Orders

Few afternoons are as fun as the ones when my kids bring home the Scholastic Books Catalogue from school, its pages colorful and bright, boasting all the books they have yet to read, all the posters and prizes and spy kits they do not yet own, all of the things they also need to get for their siblings as early birthday gifts. And by “fun,” I mean, really

In Between the Resting Phase

The first time I had a friend sleep over in high school (after years of not being allowed to have sleepover company), I remember being nervous that we would run out of things to say. For some reason, I thought you had to talk every possible moment of time together, a pause would be too awkward, and so I talked, straight, until we went to sleep. “You’re so

Letting Go

My back hurt from hunching over to secure the bike. It was my second evening, running back and forth along the road with my five-year-old daughter, and it was the most exercise I had gotten all summer. I wiped the sweat off my head with the back of my hand, and begged to take a break. “Run with me, mommy!” she pleaded, and, after a moment

Time Well Spent

One of the biggest challenges facing my clients–and quite frankly, most of us–is time management. Family time is often the area that suffers and needs the most attention and adjustment. Spending time with one’s family is essential. It is in these moments that we share ideas and feelings, note upcoming events and, most importantly, model

The Animals

“Mommy! Mommy! Can you check if my frog is dead?” my daughter bursts through the front door, ignoring the fact that I am talking to a vis­itor, and has a look of sheer panic on her face. “It’s like this!” she says, and tips her head to the side at an odd angle, her tongue dangling out of her mouth. It doesn’t take a near-death-ex­perience of a