Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Holy Name Medical Center Receives Beacon Awards from AACCN

Teaneck—Holy Name Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Unit received Silver Beacon Awards for Excellence from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACCN). The award recognizes achievements of critical care teams in areas including professional practice, patient outcomes and work

Nutrition By Tanya Expands to Three New Locations

Nutritionist Tanya Rosen will be the first one to say that dieting isn’t easy, but for residents of Brooklyn, Long Island and the Hudson Valley, losing weight is going to become infinitely simpler as Tanya opens up three new branches of her successful program in Crown Heights, Monroe and the Five Towns.

After struggling with her own pregnancy weight

Getting Results With Acupuncture and Patient Feedback

Acupuncturists frequently check for feedback in patients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the acupuncturist is not confident, but this can be startling to patients because many have the idea that you simply place needles in certain places and it can fix the area. Patients can be easily confused when the acupuncturist checks in

What Is Cerumen, Anyway?

As a pediatrician I get asked many questions from concerned parents. One of the most common questions at a checkup is, “Doctor, what do I do about this orange discharge my child gets in his ears all the time?” Excessive earwax production is common and completely benign. Most often a “less is more” approach is best when

Make Fireplace Safety a Priority in Your Household

(StatePoint) Getting cozy this winter? You’ll definitely want to make use of your fireplace. But remember, you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep everybody and everything safe.

The use of a safety screen is a must -- in fact, they’re required on all fireplaces manufactured after

The New Medicare Cards

The Senior Medicare Patrol of New Jersey is a federal grant held by the Jewish Family Service of Middlesex County. Each state has a Senior Medicare Patrol program that empowers seniors to prevent healthcare fraud and to be better healthcare consumers.

Starting next year a major change will be occurring

Higher Intelligence

“Have you ever seen the king?” asked the sophisticate.

“No,” answered the simpleton.

—Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, from “The Sophisticate & the Simpleton”

Science and natural studies seem

Molding Young Minds

I recently took to social media to ask friends/readers what they’d like to know more about in the realm of eating disorders and mental health. A friend responded, requesting more information related to working with adolescent males and females in a school setting.

Oftentimes parents, families,

The Art of Listening

During our second therapy session, a 78-year-old patient recently expressed some doubt about whether or not therapy would really help her. She had been feeling increasingly depressed over the last several years as she faced the challenges of aging, and she wasn’t sure that our meetings would improve her mood. I answered

How to Know When to Use Chinese Herbs in the Treatment of Infertility

Chinese herbs are an integral part of Chinese medicine and have been used throughout the centuries to help in the treatment of infertility. So the question is when does someone use Chinese herbs in the fertility process?

Below are five scenarios where herbs could be a potential benefit for your

Aging Q&A: Food as a Pleasure or Keep to the Diet?


My mom is 90 years old and has been living with type II diabetes since she was in her 50s. She has always managed her blood sugars via medication, adhering to a strict diet and routine visits to her endocrinologist. Mom’s doctor diagnosed her with dementia just a couple

Holy Name Remains Highest Rated Regional Hospital for Overall Quality

Teaneck NJ—For the third consecutive scoring period, Holy Name Medical Center has been recognized as the only top–performing hospital in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex and Union Counties, according to the recently released “Star Ratings” issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for Overall Quality. The rating