Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Q&A With Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet, Founder of The Eden Center

The Eden Center was founded with the goal of enhancing the mikveh experience and connecting it to women’s health and intimacy education. A Jerusalem-based initiative, Eden is working to infuse mikveh with relevance to the lives and challenges of couples today, and to connect women to resources for health and support within the

Sadkhin Program Teaches Weight Loss for Life

Englewood, NJ—After battling obesity throughout his life, Steven Y. Szklarz finally put his foot down and was determined to make a huge change. Being over 285 pounds was just not an option anymore.

“I used to live to eat, now I eat to live,” is just one of Steve’s mantras that

Five Resolutions to Keep Your Eyes Healthy in 2017

(StatePoint) The new year is the perfect opportunity for reflection, renewal and the chance to start fresh. Consider making lifestyle changes that can improve your vision and health throughout the year.

Here are five ways that you can help keep your

Living by Connecting

Do any of these scenarios look familiar?

  • You’re driving down a busy street in town and traffic starts to back up. The culprit? A double-parked car that is manned by someone waiting for a shopper to emerge.
  • You go into shul and can’t find a siddur or a particular sefer on the

Ben-Gurion University’s Medical School for International Health Prepares Doctors for Today’s Challenges

Ben-Gurion University’s Medical School for International Health (MSIH), located in Beer Sheva, Israel, is approaching 20 years of training doctors who are leaders in their fields. The English-language, four-year medical school incorporates global health into all four years of the curriculum. Upon graduation, most students

Do Acupuncture Needles Hurt?

When you think of needles, what comes to mind? Probably not the most pleasant thought. It may even make you cringe. That is understandable. Most of us have had an experience with hypodermic needles at least once in our lives. Some of us feel fearful or cringe at the very thought of a “needle.” The reason is that hypodermic

What to Know About Your Drinking Water

(StatePoint) Recently there has been growing concern about the quality of the water we drink, outside and inside our own homes. Homeowners across the country realize that potential contaminants can compromise the quality of water that comes out of the tap at home, work or other community sources.

It’s Time to Get Kosher-Fit

Does this sound familiar?

Sunday: “OK, I’m starting my diet/exercise program today.”

Wednesday: “I’m doing great! I’ve been to the gym three days this week and I’m eating well.”

Friday night:

Hibernation: It May Not Be Only for Bears

Do you find yourself having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Do you feel too tired in the evening to exercise? Have you put on a few pounds this winter? Have you noticed that this pattern occurs every year?

During the spring and summer, you enjoyed long walks, running,

From Earning to Enjoying

I spoke recently in a number of schools on the subject of eating disorder awareness. Each time I speak, my presentations vary as I generally speak from my heart and mind in the moment. The program is fluid and meets the needs and questions of those in attendance. Each time I speak, though, I am sure to mention the basics

Concussion Safety: How to Handle a Concussion for Best Recovery

Part II

Last week an anecdote was presented with Nate, a high school athlete, sustaining a significant hit to his head during a game. The first question most parents and players have is how to recognize a concussion. That was covered in last week’s article. This week the next question is

Concussion Safety: Beyond Headlines and NFL — What You Need To Know

Part 1

Nate goes for the goal, the opponent’s defense kicks the ball and BAM! Nate takes a massive hit to his head. He falls down grabbing his head. The play stops and the coaches run over. Nate slowly gets up and walks to the bleachers. The crowd and