Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Code Blue

Thursday morning. 11:45 a.m.

Announcement over the hospital loudspeaker:

“Code Blue, third floor, hallway. Code Blue, third floor, hallway.”

(A code blue is a term used for a patient who requires resuscitation

Don’t Add Sugar, You Are Sweet Enough

You go to your doctor for your annual checkup. She tells you to lose a few pounds (this does not come as a major surprise to you) and to decrease sugar in your diet. She wants to see you in three months to review your lab reports and check your blood pressure. You leave the office feeling confident that you can lose the weight, cut

Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Performs U.S.’s First In-Office Kyphoplasty Using Mazor Robotics Technology

Orlando—Earlier this month, Dr. Vagmin Vora, assisted by Drs. Lewin, Grossman and PA Issac Abramchayev, performed the first office-based kyphoplasty with Mazor Robotics technology in the U.S. at the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders. The procedure did not require the patient to be intubated and she was able to go home within three

YU’s Medical Ethics Conference Addresses Infectious Disease Impact

New York Yeshiva University’s Student Medical Ethics Society (MES) will partner with YU’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) to explore the history, challenges and impact of infectious diseases at the Tenth Annual Fuld Family Medical Ethics Society Conference. Titled “Humanity’s Oldest Rival: Infectious

St. Barnabas Medical Center Unveils New Weapon Against Prostate Cancer

CyberKnife precisely delivers higher doses of radiation to the tumor.

Every year, more than 220,000 American men learn they have prostate cancer, the second most common form of cancer behind skin cancer. Treatments, which vary depending on age, overall health and the tumor’s severity, may

Type A Personality, Type 1 Diabetes — A Student’s Perspective

Before last August, I thought my junior year would be crazy. It’s the year of APs, SATs and ACTs, college visits, sleep deprivation and most of all, the unbearable amount of stress caused by your future breathing down your neck at every moment. But what I never considered was that it would also be the year that I would be

Coughing? Bring a Healthy Dose of Sick-Etiquette to Work

When the common cold hits, sharing is not caring.

(BPT) Being considerate of others when you’re sick is one of the first steps to good sick etiquette.

For example, you may think you’re going to score points for showing up at

Feeling the Pressure to Diet

Dear Coach Gila,

Thanksgiving is behind us and we now have a few weeks before Chanukah begins, replete with the usual fried-food extravaganza: latkes and donuts. I’ve been reading many advertisements on social media claiming that NOW is the perfect time to begin a

Nutritionist Tanya Rosen Gives Stamp of Approval to Select Kosher Restaurants

Health and fitness are about to take a giant step forward for Jewish diners as a well-known Brooklyn nutritionist is teaming up with a limited group of kosher restaurants that will be featuring nutritionally approved, diet-friendly menu items.

“Our clients are always asking us where

New Jersey Fathers and Sons Group Visits United Hatzalah

Jerusalem—Rabbi Zev Reichman brought a group of fathers and sons from East Hills Synagogue in Englewood, New Jersey to visit Israel’s national volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) organization, United Hatzalah, last week.

The visit was prompted by the desire to help educate the group about the

Travel Tips for Wheelchair Users

(StatePoint) The stress of travel can impact anyone, but add in the need to find wheelchair-accessible transportation, hotel rooms or restaurants, and that stress is amplified considerably.

The experts at Mobility Ventures, maker of the MV-1 -- the only mobility vehicle built with wheelchair

[email protected] Allows Seniors to Age in Place

Recently, members of the sandwich generation began becoming anxious about their aging parents. The parents insisted on living on their own and aging in their own home, and their adult children became concerned. Are their parents safe in their home? Is the home equipped for folks their age? Who is going to make those fixes