Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Health Made Easier: The Benefits of Gratitude

The concept of creating a special day on which to give “thanksgiving” in the United States dates to 1621 in Plymouth Rock. Most kindergarten children can explain to you in colorful detail that the Pilgrims, newly arrived in this land, gave thanks at that time for a good harvest. In 1863, during the Civil War, President Abraham

What Our Kids Can Learn From the Presidential Debates

Following the recent presidential debates, many articles popped up online about parents and teachers who were struggling with whether or not to allow their children to watch the big event on television. Politics aside, parents seemed concerned about exposing their kids to the behaviors that were displayed during the debates by

Happy Holidays, Happy (Food) Choices

With the High Holidays behind us, we now look to Thanksgiving and Chanukah. They will be here sooner than you think, and one of the biggest issues our clients face is how to balance all the enjoyment the season offers with healthy food choices. Whether you’re on our weight-loss plan, or you need to stay committed to your own

Managing Cataracts

As an optometrist today it’s very exciting to be comanaging cataract surgery with highly experienced eye surgeons who are performing all laser cataract surgery. In addition, there are many options as far as which type of lens implant to recommend. Often patients have many questions when it comes to cataract surgery due to the

New Study Highlights Benefits of BRCA Testing for Ashkenazi Jews

Current screening standards may miss BRCA carriers with significant cancer risk.

New York—Montefiore-Einstein’s Program for Jewish Genetic Health (PJGH) and the Division of Reproductive and Medical Genetics have a new study published in “Genetics in Medicine” that reinforces the value of

On Wine and Water

“... a song of praise is sung only over wine.” Berachot 35a

The culture amongst which we are surrounded seems to put alcohol at center stage, and, frankly, it is difficult to avoid, whether at the supermarket ad or even at a Disney theme park. Yet, despite its casual omnipresence

A Tale of Two Patients

From this tale of two patients, one can learn about many more …

Without knowing any details, I enter the room. He tells me he is an 82-year-old widower who lives an independent life. He is an active member of his Reform temple. He has family and many friends and has hobbies. He tells me he has

A Key to Living Longer: Volunteer

This coming Sunday, November 6, the Federation in our area will be hosting “Mitzvah Day,” an annual event that offers people of all ages the opportunity to choose from a variety of volunteering options. Even if you have never volunteered before, Mitzvah Day provides you and your family with the chance to try performing a

Tips for Getting Your Pre-Baby Self Back

Dear Tanya,

After I had baby number five, I had a really hard time losing my baby weight! It could be because I recently turned 30 and I heard your metabolism slows down then or because I started off higher than usual. I was wondering if you had any

Creamy, Crunchy Yet Healthy Salads

Dear Coach Gila,

In an effort to lose weight I attempted to eat a lot of vegetables. I had been preparing a large salad for lunch every day. I added tuna fish or grilled chicken and lots of vegetables. Here’s the thing: I don’t like to eat them. I really

How Will Your Children ‘Parent’ You?

In working on the internal medicine ward at a local hospital, I realize how important strong relationships are between parents and children, especially at an older age.

My father always said that my mother kept my grandfather alive for many years. He passed away this year at age 94; and if not

Breaking Holiday Habits

Dear Coach Gila,

Ok, so I gained four pounds between Rosh Hashanah and the first days of Sukkot. It is now Chol Hamoed and I refuse to get back on the scale. It was a combination of the challah and honey, late-night meals, a “taste” of dessert at every meal and just wanting to