Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Causes and Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Adolescents

We are all painfully aware of the lower back pain epidemic. To borrow a rather timely, if slightly morbid, phrase from Shemot 12:30—”Ki ein bayit asher ein sham meit”—not a single home has not experienced the dread of lower back pain. In fact, it is estimated that up to 80 percent of Americans will experience lower

Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time, there was a man named Lenny. Lenny grew up in a New Jersey suburb in a Conservative Jewish home. He had caring parents, three siblings and some friends. He had a good job and lived in a wonderful apartment. Life seemed to be going quite smoothly.

Suddenly, Lenny’s life came

So Many Friends and No One to Talk To

A friend and client of mine who is an educator recently sent me a YouTube video by the famous inspirational speaker Simon Sinek regarding engagement with so-called “millennials” in the workplace. The term millennials is used to describe people from the generation born between the early 1980s and the first several years

Bikur Cholim Bergen County Opens Respite Apartments Near Hackensack University Medical Center

Bikur Cholim Bergen County (BCBC) has been servicing our community for many decades under the leadership of Chanie Shmutter and Eva Stern. Most recently, we along with our committees have put forth much effort to expand the organization to meet the many needs of our rapidly growing community. The

How to Manage Those February Blues

Most people who have spent any portion of their life in a climate with cold, long winter seasons are probably familiar with the “February Blues.” They come at that time of year when we begin to feel just so fed up with the harshness of winter, the early sunset and sludge-covered streets, and we yearn for warmer

On One Foot

I recently attended an interactive workshop on senior fitness to better serve this important, unique and growing population. Imagine my surprise when the instructor told us: “Leg strength is where it’s at. The rest is commentary. Google it.” I thought wow, I just learned the entire field of senior fitness—the

The Daily Grind

Time magazine this week calls stress a “modern mental bogeyman.” It is the reason half of us cannot fall asleep at night. We all have stress, and according to the article, most of us do nothing to try and fight it. That’s bad news, considering how stress is linked to a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and just a general

MS Drug Available in Clinical Trials at Holy Name

Ocrevis, a drug shown to help patients with a particular type of multiple sclerosis, is available through an ongoing clinical trial at Holy Name Medical Center, the only site in northern New Jersey where eligible patients can obtain it. The medicine made the news recently when it was touted as the first drug to consistently help reduce the

Holy Name Medical Center Receives Beacon Awards from AACCN

Teaneck—Holy Name Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Unit received Silver Beacon Awards for Excellence from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACCN). The award recognizes achievements of critical care teams in areas including professional practice, patient outcomes and work

Nutrition By Tanya Expands to Three New Locations

Nutritionist Tanya Rosen will be the first one to say that dieting isn’t easy, but for residents of Brooklyn, Long Island and the Hudson Valley, losing weight is going to become infinitely simpler as Tanya opens up three new branches of her successful program in Crown Heights, Monroe and the Five Towns.

After struggling with her own pregnancy weight

Getting Results With Acupuncture and Patient Feedback

Acupuncturists frequently check for feedback in patients. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the acupuncturist is not confident, but this can be startling to patients because many have the idea that you simply place needles in certain places and it can fix the area. Patients can be easily confused when the acupuncturist checks in

What Is Cerumen, Anyway?

As a pediatrician I get asked many questions from concerned parents. One of the most common questions at a checkup is, “Doctor, what do I do about this orange discharge my child gets in his ears all the time?” Excessive earwax production is common and completely benign. Most often a “less is more” approach is best when