Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Life Lessons

As a chaplain in a hospital, I meet all kinds of people: young to old, deeply religious to denying God, grateful to angry, and dying to be “on the road to recovery.” Among many roles, I support my patients and their families on an emotional and spiritual level while they are in the hospital, at what is often a very reflective, challenging and confusing

Why Are More Children Being Diagnosed With Dry Eyes?

Kids and computers are nearly inseparable these days. With many school-age kids and even preschoolers spending hours in front of a computer every day, it’s worth considering what effects computers might have on your children’s eyes and their vision.

How common is dry eyes in children?


Shabbos Doesn’t Have To Derail a Diet

Dear Tanya: I feel like Shabbos completely destroys my diet every single week! I’m so good and disciplined on my food plan all week and when it comes to shabbos, I lose control and just eat too much!!! As a frum nutritionist, I’m sure you work with many people who have this issue... Any suggestions?

Tanya responds:

Yes! I have many

Whom Do You Blame?

Take a moment and imagine a scenario where something in your life goes wrong. Whether it’s a traffic delay on your way to a major event, a job firing, a break-up or a cake falling when you’d just spent hours baking it to perfection—whom do you blame?

I’ve found that there are

What Help Is Available for Families Facing Alzheimer's?

My husband and I have been married for 54 years. We continue to live in the home where we raised our three children. Now we are facing a very frightening situation. Looking back over the last couple of years, we see there were signs that something was not right. My husband was getting more and more forgetful. One day, he forgot to pick me up at the library. Another

Robotics Will Make Better Doctors, Not Lesser Surgeons

Dear Readers,

Recently, we wrote an article concerning the advancement of robotics in the State of New Jersey. Within this article we gave a broad overview in terms of its application towards spine surgery. This has generated significant interest both within our community, and beyond. It was brought to my attention that this article appearing in The Link was

Some Sobering Facts About Addiction

We lost another promising young life this week. To be honest, we are at a loss for words.

We have been shouting from the rooftops for months that we need to find a way to stop this plague of addiction and while we have seen some improvements, we buried a beautiful 22-year-old this week. Clearly whatever

Does Our Physical Environment Really Affect Our Health?

There is lots of evidence that our physical environment can have a tremendous impact on our well-being. Dark, cramped or cluttered rooms can make us feel anxious or sad, while well-lit rooms with tidy surfaces can have a calming effect that makes one feel composed. Those of us who get overwhelmed at the sight of a messy room or desk know

Robotic Spine Surgery — Now in New Jersey

The use of robotics in the medical field has been gaining ground over the last 10 years. Presently, in particular in spine surgery, its greatest use appears to be in the application of screws. Traditionally, this has been done using an open-handed technique, in which a surgeon will rely on his knowledge

Reducing Health Insurance Cost for the Small Business

Have you been renewing your health insurance policy year after year with the same old policies with a typical increase?

Business owners with two to 50 employees: there are lots of new options that are

Touro College of Dental Medicine Welcomes Its Inaugural Class

ValhallaOne hundred and ten students began classes last month at the first new dental school to be approved in New York State in nearly 50

Dental Implants May Be Your Best Option

When a tooth is lost, the specialized bony process that houses the tooth begins to resorb due to lack of stimulation. This causes a decrease in width and height of the bone in the area the tooth is lost. Neighboring teeth and opposing teeth begin to move into the space. This causes food impaction, subsequent decay, gum