Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Why Be Jewish?

Intermarriage is shrinking the Jewish community. Every survey and sign over the past several decades has told the same story: we are shrinking through addition. Jews are intermarrying at huge rates for a simple yet devastating reason—they do not see Judaism as their all-encompassing way of life. Intermarriage is a symptom of religious

Learning From a Tragedy

A yearly reminder of the importance of wearing helmets while biking or skateboarding is transmitted annually by Honey Senter to the TeaneckShuls email list, always at the beginning of May.

Her concern and fear for children and adults getting hurt from accidents while not wearing their helmets comes to

Achrei Mot-Kedoshim 5775: Selfishness Required

The high priest (Kohen Gadol), Aaron, is known throughout rabbinic literature as the paradigm personality who loved others and sought to make peace between strife-torn family, friends, or neighbors.

It’s out of character then as the Torah describes his Yom Kippur service: he is to atone for himself,

Sadness Again in Baltimore

Not 20 minutes from where I write this, a TV station helicopter is focusing its camera on a Northwest Baltimore CVS Pharmacy as looters run in and out, ostensibly robbing a store in broad daylight.

A couple of blocks away a police car is engulfed in flames. Police are standing in a defensive

Crowdfunded Israeli Initiative Seeks to Land Torah on the Moon

TEL AVIV—French-Israeli entrepreneur Haim Aouizerate announced today the initiation of “Torah on the Moon” (TOTM), a “values-driven” space initiative aimed at landing a Torah (a Hebrew Bible scroll) on the Moon to celebrate the ancient book’s innumerable contributions to morality, justice, education, culture, arts, and sciences

How Kosher Is the Kosher Switch?

As technology changes, new opportunities arise for Shabbos-observant Jews that should not be ignored. However, when evaluating new technology we have to look at reality and not hype. Four years ago, the “Kosher Switch” launched online, billed by its inventor as a game-changer that will radically redefine the Shabbos experience.

How Kosher Is the Kosher Switch?

As technology changes, new opportunities arise

More Voices on the Jewish Left Oppose Iran Deal

Two more prominent voices from the left, one in Israel and one in the American Jewish community, are challenging President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran. The right-left consensus on Iran is broadening almost daily.

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak told CNBC on April 8 that

Serving God by Serving Country

My youngest child, Elie, (20) was recently inducted into the IDF. Elie is now doing basic training in an elite combat unit of the paratroopers known as Maglan (Ibis). For the previous two and a half years Elie was in the Yeshivah of Upper Nazareth. Yes, it turns out that of our five children, our most religious and spiritual child

Religious Dogma of Palestinian Statehood

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remark about the dangers of a Palestinian state has sent advocates of Palestinian statehood into a rage so hysterical that you would think he had questioned somebody’s sacred religious beliefs.

On second thought, maybe he did. The Palestinian statehood crowd has

Why You Should Be Going to AIPAC Next Year

Let’s face it. Some things we simply take for granted. These may be “small” things, like being able to swing a golf club without pain or larger things like getting up in the morning or having a safe and secure State of Israel. I am regularly called upon to serve in a leadership role for my community and as a role model for my

Some Personal Thoughts on the AIPAC Policy Conference

Participating in the annual AIPAC policy conference is always a powerful experience. But the intensity of this year’s conference was especially palpable, taking place only a day before Netanyahu’s historic speech to Congress. The crowds were both electric and unified; I felt connected to my fellow Jews at the conference—and