Friday, August 18, 2017

Real Estate

Finding Your Dream Home

If you’re a first time home buyer, you may find house hunting a daunting task. Here a few tips to make the search a little easier:

If you have special needs that must be addressed you should make that clear to the realtor you’re working with. If you’re trying to buy on your own, you have to do your

Are All Tax Rates Equal?

Having sold homes for over thirty years, I am well aware the variety of factors that need to be considered when both choosing an area and selecting a home. Typically, factors depend on where your friends are, what schools are in the neighborhood and houses of worship, transportation accessibility, and so on and so forth.

Housing Reform and Its Impact on Overseas Buyers

Real estate prices in Israel have nearly doubled since 2007, and over the past

Finding a Lender for Your Purchase

Finding a lender is easy! Your realtor has a name, your lawyer has a name, even your uncle Yanki has a name. Having a referral from someone you trust is certainly a smart way to seek professional services. However, your interests may not always be the same as those of the person making the referral. The realtor wants the deal to close and

Divorce and Housing

Not a pretty topic, but couples do separate and divorce. Many parties are involved, sides taken, opinions rendered and judgments made with reflex-like action. This article is neither about judgment nor philosophical and religious beliefs on the topic. The fact is that divorce exists and happens, family dynamics change and one home

Ask the Realtor: Do I Really Need an Attorney?

ASK THE REALTOR: We are just about to make an offer on a property in New Jersey. We are financial stretched almost to our limit. We are trying to save wherever we can so we are thinking about not using an Attorney. Are there any other ways we can save money?

LYDIA RUSSO: No! No! No! The best money you

Giving the Gift of Home

When we think of wedding gifts for the newlyweds what do we typically think of? Silverware, set of dishes, honeymoon trip, furniture, gift certificates etc….

What if, instead of buying the standard, beautiful and useful wedding gifts, people grouped together to contribute to the down payment

Ask the Realtor

What are the risks of buying a house with an underground oil tank?

Many homes in Bergen County may have had an underground oil tank at one time or another and they are still in use today many having been in the ground since the 1900’s. During that time many tanks have corroded and some

The Kid on the Block

Marc Stein Brings His Youthful Ideas to the Real Estate Business

When Marc Stein was a high school student growing up in Teaneck, he said he wasn’t really into the books and classwork. Instead, he wanted to get going already. He wanted to get his feet wet in the business world.

Transforming Your Basement Into a Fun and Functional Space

Do you have a “finished” basement that still does not get used? Do you try and get your kids of all ages to go downstairs where they can have more room to hang out and play? If you and your family do not want to go downstairs for fear of the dark and dingy then it is time for an update.


Ask The Realtor

I am thinking of buying a home. What should be my first steps?

The first thing is to be qualified by a mortgage broker to determine what you can really afford together with taxes, home insurance and monthly mortgage payments. There is no point in falling in love with

How to Value Your Home?

This is the most frequently asked question when meeting with prospective clients who are thinking about selling their home. There is no “one size fits all” rule in real estate. A Fair Market Analysis is the one that is used most often in determining a sale price.

Recent comparable sales is a good