Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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How to Start a Cut Flower Garden for Beautiful Bouquets All Year

Spring is coming, and with it countless ways to enjoy flowers in all their glory. Could this be the year you start a cutting garden? Farmer-florist Erin Benzakein points the way in a satisfyingly complete and richly illustrated guide, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden, out this week.

Real Property Tax Liens: There’s Money to Be Made, But Is It Right for You?

A few days ago on the radio, a pitchman proclaimed that people could make big bucks by buying property tax liens. Just call the 800 number for your free tax lien kit, attend the live training event where you’ll receive a $20 Visa gift card and you’re on your way!

But not so fast! What is a

Home Equities: Easy Come, Easy Go

A decade ago, when home values were soaring and real estate was booming, many homeowners took advantage by taking cash out from the equity in their home. Typically, the loan was structured as a Home Equity Line of Credit (aka “HELOC,”) which functions very much like a typical consumer credit card. Specifically, a homeowner will

Hudson County Jewish Business Alliance Presents the Gold Coast Real Estate Conference

On Tuesday, The Hudson County Jewish Business Alliance (http://www.hcjba.com/) presented the Gold Coast Real Estate Conference in Jersey City, which featured prominent government officials and business executives. The HCJBA, founded and directed by David Rosenberg in 2015, is a unique and

Designing Your Dream Bathroom Is Well Worth the Investment

Designing a new bathroom or updating an old one is a great investment in your home and will give you added functionality and beauty in a space that you use all the time. If you desire to do a full renovation but that isn’t possible due to budget or other considerations, there are many ways to update and improve

Is Refinancing Dead?

As soon as rates go up there is are abundant articles and news reports that refinancing is dead. Refinancing is not only a rate-based decision, and there are many reasons to consider refinancing.

For those borrowers who missed the opportunity to refinance for various reasons, there is always an opportunity to refinance as long as the numbers make sense

Financing Fine Print For Finest Funding

I recently had the privilege of speaking at an event in front of a room full of real estate agents. The broker who introduced me with very generous remarks, made sure to emphasize to her agents that although she highly endorses me as a mortgage lender, it is always a good idea to “refer at least 2 or 3 mortgage people” to avoid

With All Due Diligence Respect

We recently were involved in a very small deal in Jerusalem, and I mean tiny. We sold a 15 square meter (sqm), or approximately 160 square foot, studio in Rechavia for 500,000 NIS, or $130,000.

Everything about the unit appeared to be kosher, despite its diminutive size: The building drawings

Four Tips on How to Prep Your Home for Sale

When you are so focused on your move and quite possibly grieving the idea of moving, it can be tough to look at your current home and prep for that sale. Deciding to sell your home is a big deal. You are closing one chapter of your life and literally shutting the door on it—or at least you will after some lucky buyer meets your

Buying a Home Is About Comparing Apples to Apples

I purposely waited to write this article the first day of spring, March 20, 2017, when home seekers and sellers start the intense prospect of finding the right match. As the spring season is typically optimal for home ownership transition, the facts for the following housing details seemed ideal at this point in time.

Four Tips to Flip the Switch to a More Beautiful Home

(StatePoint) The average home has 45 light sockets which means you probably have more light bulbs than just about any home product, and yet the lighting aisle can still be a daunting place. With the right knowledge, you can save money, protect the environment and bring the best features of your home to life.

The Banker’s Mortgage Banker Of Choice

I recently closed a new home purchase loan for a first time home buyer that made me very proud. He wasn’t a regular first time home buyer, and he wasn’t a regular client. This applicant was actually a senior lending officer at a small regional bank (to be left unnamed). He was referred to me by a friend as he was trying to