Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Durable Décor Upgrades Add Style to Your Home

(StatePoint) Interior upgrades should make a big impact -- adding style and comfort to your home. They should also last a long time, even if you have a busy household, with lots of foot traffic.

To add both form and function to your living spaces, consider the following ideas.

Paint and Decorate

Sometimes going from drab to

Just One Point

As the title indicates, I do have a point to make. Although in the mortgage business when a banker says they want to “make a point,” it’s usually not something a client wants to hear. Typically, “a point” is a fee charged to the borrower which represents 1% of the loan amount. In private mortgage lending, for example,

Eminent Domain—Can the Government Really Condemn My Property? What Can I Do About It?

Most Americans are familiar with the concept of eminent domain, which is generally defined as the government’s right to take private property for a public purpose, provided that just compensation is provided to the property owner. Put another way, eminent domain is the government’s power to take private property and convert it

Five Sneaky Things You Didn’t Know Could Ruin Your Credit

Beware of these credit score pitfalls that might keep you from moving into your next place.

No matter where you’re renting or buying — your credit score will matter. There’s no getting around the fact that landlords and apartment property managers can put a lot of weight on that one

Time Is Money

If I were to take a vote, I believe that the general consensus would be, outside of “good health,” “time” and “money” are the most important commodities in life. Yet, I am sure I am not alone when I say that so many of us are guilty of so much wasted time and so much wasted money - that very often cannot be accounted

Light Solutions: What to Do When Your House Feels Like a Cave

(BPT) A house with ample windows can win your heart with silent promises of sun-drenched rooms and warm breezes wafting through open windows. The truth, however, is that even a home with windows galore can have rooms that feel dark and cave like.

Some of the most-loved aspects of modern

Jerusalem’s Streets: Neighborhood Themes

Throughout the world, many neighborhoods have groups of streets with names related to a specific theme. For example, growing up in Long Beach, New York, I lived on Walnut Street and my friends lived on Olive, Pine, Maple and Beech. Likewise, before making aliyah, we lived in Bergenfield on Westminster Avenue, and

Mocha Latte or a Home? That’s the Question

Yes, I know many of you can have a home and a mocha latte, and that you don’t have to choose between them. I also know many of you would choose the mocha latte over the home. Some of you may be currently in school, or newly working with a fixed salary, or newly self-employed, and have no rich relatives to go to (or rich relatives

Shocked at What I Am Being Told During My Interviews

Wells Fargo and Bank of America have been the first major banks to say they are starting to see demand for home loans taper off. Wells, one of the biggest U.S. mortgage lenders, reported that its pipeline of applicants for new home loans has dropped 40 percent, with BofA ‘s decline close to 45%. As interest rates move off of

Art of the Concession

The idea of this article is to provide information that you can use when you are negotiating for the home that you’re interested in. I am in no way presuming that the seller of the home should take less than they want to or need to, or that the buyer should pay more for a home than they want to. I am just offering information on

Get Moving! Four Reasons You Should Sell Your Home in 2017

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about selling your home, it might just be time to hop off. Now. To put it in other terms: 2017 is poised to be the year of the home seller, real estate experts say. So what are you waiting for?

“Sellers have been in the driver’s seat for the

The 10 Mortgage Plagues – Part II

I thank those of you who commented to me about how they enjoyed last week’s article, and separately to those of you who appreciated how it correlated to the theme of the week. This week we will conclude with our five final mortgage plagues.

#6 Don’t be biased about your