Monday, January 23, 2017


TABC Celebrates Accomplishments at 34th Annual Dinner

Several hundred parents, alumni parents, alumni, faculty and friends enjoyed a wonderful night out together as they celebrated TABC and paid tribute to the well-deserving honorees, while raising critical funds for the annual campaign.


Rabbi Ilan Acoca Launches ‘Sephardic Book of Why’ at Ben Porat Yosef

“Rav Mechanech” of BPY and rabbi of the Sephardic Congregation of Fort Lee, Rabbi Ilan Acoca gave an informative lecture about the contributions of Sephardic rabbis and Sephardic culture to both halachic and world practices. At the event, Rabbi Acoca also launched his book, “The Sephardic Book of Why,” which explores the

Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein Addresses Heichal HaTorah Students

Decades ago Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein began as the first principal of RYNJ when it was housed in the Jewish Center of Teaneck. He returned on Tuesday to speak to the boys of Heichal, many of whom were RYNJ talmidim, including Heichal Rosh Yeshiva Aryeh Stechler, who was among Rabbi Goldstein’s first 79 talmidim.

Moriah Kindergarten Students Have a Siyum

The Moriah School kindergartners made a siyum on Sefer Bereishit. Each child gave their own special dvar Torah on one parsha from Bereishit of their choice. The class shared Torah riddles and sang some of the class-favorite Torah songs. The students learned that through hard work they can achieve great things and

Yeshivat Noam Kindergarteners Rejoice At ‘Shema Under the Stars’

In celebration of learning Shema and Hamalach Hagoel, kindergarteners and their parents were invited to “Shema Under the Stars” this past Motzei Shabbat. Arriving full of smiles in their pajamas, the students colored a Shema pillowcase, listened to a bedtime story, enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies

LPS Middle School Girls Tour Jewish Museum

The fifth, sixth and seventh grade girls of Lubavitch on the Palisades School went to the Jewish Museum on the Upper East Side for a special Chanukah program on December 28.

Sixth grader Eliya Eini wrote about her experience, “The trip to the Jewish Museum gave me knowledge about my Jewish

RYNJ Explores the Science of Water

RYNJ fourth grade students learned all about the different states of water and about the water cycle, whereby water changes from one state to another. The students also studied the power of water and how it is used to generate energy. The children built their own water wheels and were pleased and fascinated to

BCHSJS Students Visit Daughters of Miriam

BCHSJS students who took part in the Jewish Volunteer Corp year-long class visited with residents of the Daughters of Miriam in Clifton this past Sunday for their third visit. The students and seniors shared stories about bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and visiting Israel. The students were surprised to learn that many of

Yavneh Academy Second Graders Learn About Torah-Making Process

The Torah Factory from the Living Legacy Program recently visited Yavneh Academy. Second graders learned about the process of making a Sefer Torah. The students also had the opportunity to learn how to use the end of a goose quill to write their Hebrew name in the same script used in the Torah.

TABC Engineering Students Construct ‘Real Feel’ Thermostat

Everyone knows how it can feel uncomfortably hot at 72 degrees with high humidity and very comfortable at 80 degrees with low humidity. TABC engineering students Mikey Finkelstein and Moshe Golubtchik are working on an advanced thermostat which accounts for both humidity and temperature. This will in turn control both heating and

Yeshivat Noam First Graders and Their Parents Learn B’Chevruta

On Motzei Shabbat, Yeshivat Noam first graders and their parents gathered together to learn b’ chevruta about tefillah and making it more meaningful in preparation for the students receiving their siddurim in February.


LPS Third Grade Has Heated Debates

Third grade has been busy thinking about the pros and cons of various issues as they’ve been formulating persuasive writing essays. They’ve had some heated debates about whether pizza should be served in school, if cursive writing should be taught and practiced and if cell phones should be banned in school. Each third grader took a position and used