Tuesday, April 25, 2017


RTMA Optional Learning Yields Big Results

Learn Torah. Love Torah. Live Torah. Those seminal words, first coined by the founder of the Jewish Educational Center, HaRav Pinchas Mordechai Teitz z”l, represent the fabric of the JEC hashkafa and were vibrantly personified by students of the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy during a

Moriah Holds First-Ever Middle School Science Fair

On Wednesday, March 29, Moriah’s sixth and seventh graders participated in its first-ever Moriah Middle School Science Fair. Over 70 science fair projects were on display and the Kukin auditorium was packed with parents and family members. In the two months leading up to the science fair, students were

Rabbi Kerner and Rabbi Richter’s MTA Shiurim Celebrate Siyum

This past week, Rabbi Shimon Kerner and Rabbi Shalom Richter’s bekius shiurim celebrated a siyum of the first perek of Moed Katan.

To celebrate the siyum, the talmidim were treated to a gala fleishig lunch in the library and heard divrei Torah and bracha from rebbeim, fellow students

Alumni Flock to TABC to Learn Torah

Once a talmid, always a talmid. TABC is proud that this sentiment is felt by both the rebbeim and the alumni of the yeshiva. Rebbeim are eager to continue their relationships long after talmidim graduate and the talmidim’s appreciation for the insight and Torah knowledge of their rebbeim grows only greater as they mature

RKYHS and JKHA Students Give of Themselves at Hair Drive

Organized by RKYHS senior Rose Ginsberg, a total of 20 RKYHS and JKHA students, faculty members and several parents took part in a pre-Pesach hair donation drive. All of the participants donated a minimum of eight inches of their hair to Zichron Menachem, the first and only organization of its kind in Israel, which

IBECC Sunflowers Prepare the Whole Seder Table Themselves

At the Iris Berman Early Childhood Center, the last two days before Pesach were jam-packed. Not only did the children place all the Seder items on the table, they also prepared all the food. They washed and boiled the potatoes and, once they were cool, the yeladim peeled and cut them. The celery was washed in a sieve to

Bruriah Debate Team Takes Gold in Inter-School Competition

Bruriah’s winning streak continued as its debate team proved victorious once again with its defeat last week of five schools in a debate competition. The resolution of the debate was “The United States should build a more substantial barrier along the U.S-Mexico border,” and was argued by students from SAR, Ma’ayanot, Yeshiva of

Schools Vie for the Robo Cup at BPY’s Tri-School Robotics Tournament

Paramus—It’s one thing to sit in class and learn about computers and technology. But Ben Porat Yosef’s Director of Technology Moshe Azizollahoff decided to give his students a chance to take these lessons and find real-life applications. As the scientific process benefits from the ability to share ideas with

JEC Model Seder Engages and Excites the Youngest Students

The JEC Lower School’s youngest students participated eagerly in a model Seder this Monday. Each class sang songs that they had prepared in advance with enthusiasm and were able to answer an array of questions about Pesach.

The children enjoyed

Matzah Factory Comes to Lubavitch on the Palisades

Children at Lubavitch on the Palisades preschool baked matzah at the Living Legacy Matzah factory with Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum. The children ground wheat into flour and mixed it with water in order to make dough. Each child went home with his/her own baker’s hat, matzah and Pesach magazine.

Matzah Factory Visits Moriah

The Moriah School’s early childhood got a special visit from the matzah factory. The students had an opportunity to bake their own delicious matzah from scratch, learning all about the entire matzah baking process. The children made some amazing looking matzahs. In anticipation of the matzah factory coming to

Pre-Pesach Learning Is Enjoyed at Ma’ayanot Yom Iyun

In addition to learning Haggadah and hilchot Pesach, Ma’ayanot students prepared for their Sedarim during the school’s annual Yom Iyun, or morning of learning, whose theme this year mainly revolved around the question, “What will I be freed from this Pesach?”