Sunday, April 30, 2017


RTMA Observes Yom HaShoah With Hidden Child Erika Sauerhoff

On Yom Hashoah, RTMA students gathered to hear a personal story of survival from Erika Sauerhoff, who was a hidden child during the Holocaust. In a riveting and emotional presentation, she outlined the sequence of events that she could piece together, punctuated by her delayed reactions to them that occurred to

RKYHS Students Learn About Making the Desert Bloom

RKYHS students heard from Yedidya Harush, the representative for the Negev’s Halutza region, who is playing a key role in developing the area into a thriving community. Harush illustrated for students how the residents, working with the Jewish National Fund’s Blueprint Negev campaign, are developing the Negev desert and

RTMA Middle School Students Learn Speedy Keyboarding Techniques

With their youthful faces focused in concentration during their keyboarding class, RTMA middle school students had their fingers flying across the keys in speeds that would have been impossible in typing classes of yesteryear.

“This class is different than what you may remember,” said

JKHA First and Fifth Grades Will Plant 100 Trees in Israel

First and fifth graders came together for a very special cause that began on Tu B’Shevat. The learning began with a unit on trees in general and Judaic studies in the first grade classrooms. The students explored the importance of trees and realized that they could work together to raise money and plant trees in Israel.

IBECC Students Get a Hands-On Lesson in Bricklaying

The students at IBECC visited their garden and noticed that the bulbs they had planted were blooming. Then they observed a man laying some bricks next door. They had been talking about building and bricks for four weeks! The man who was laying bricks for a wall seemed very happy, unlike the yehudim who had worked for King

Bruriah Senior Takes First Prize in Yom HaShoah Competition

Bruriah senior Abby Leykin is no stranger to photography and in recent years has become the go-to in-house photographer for the school. Her creativity was put to noble use recently when she entered the Yom Hashoah photo and essay competition from her shul, the Young Israel of Staten Island. Her entry, about the Holocaust Memorial

Moriah Holds First Educator’s Experience

Before Pesach, the Moriah Lower School hosted its first Educator’s Experience, where educators from across the Tri-State area who were interested in learning about the school’s Personalized Learning Model came for a visit. They wanted to see, in action, how Moriah meets the needs of every learner, how its

Yeshivat Noam Enjoys Model Seder

Yeshivat Noam Buds and kindergarten students culminated learning about and preparing for Pesach with a model Seder using their very own interactive haggadot.


TABC Hosts Envision Shakespeare Competition

A magical storm threatens a ship full of royal passengers and chaos ensues. It is an exciting way to hook an audience. Participants in the third annual Envision Shakespeare competition, hosted this year by TABC, were tasked with interpreting the first scene of “The Tempest,” which begins exactly that way. Envision

Yavneh Goes to the Opera

In between acts of the final dress rehearsal of “Eugene Onegin” at the Met, conductor Robin Ticciati was gracious enough to pose for pictures with Yavneh sixth graders and members of the Opera Club.


BPY Students Become Engineers for the Day

On Thursday, March 30, Ben Porat Yosef students participated in an egg drop engineering packaging challenge. This experiential day of learning was part of BPY’s unique discovery learning approach, which provides students with the opportunity to combine critical thinking, creativity and imagination to

Teaneck Chabad Preschool Learns About Pesach

Teaneck Chabad Preschool prepared for Pesach with matzah baking, model Seders and finding the afikoman.