Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Dr. Joseph Shatzkes Addresses TABC Freshmen

TABC’s Biology Department was honored to host Dr. Joseph Shatzkes of Englewood Cardiology Consultants as he shared his expertise in the cardiovascular system and staying healthy. This is the third year in a row in which TABC has been privileged to share in Dr. Shatzkes’ wealth of knowledge. Dr. Shatzkes is a board certified

RYNJ Rides the Magic School Bus

Who knew history could be so much fun? Leaving RYNJ and the high tech world of 2017 behind, RYNJ third graders got on the “magic school bus” to step back in time. At Museum Village in Monroe, they explored daily life in the 19th century, making their classroom social studies lessons come alive. Meandering

Yavneh Academy Gan Classes Have an Art Party

After an impressive yearlong study of art history and art appreciation, Yavneh Academy kindergartners were treated to a hands-on, end of year artist program. They experienced various art mediums originated by the artists that they learned about this year, including Yaacov Agam and kinetic art, George

JEC Lower School’s Second Grade Visits Crayola Factory


The JEC Lower School’s second grade knew that they were destined for an extra special experience as their school bus crossed into Pennsylvania, after travelling for almost an hour.

Their destination: The Crayola Factory in Easton,

Yeshivat Noam and RPRY’s First Graders Learn Together

Thanks to technology and some creativity, two classes from two different schools were able to enjoy a year of learning together. Over the course of the school year, Yeshivat Noam’s (YN) first grade and Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva’s (RPRY) first grade have been virtual pen pals sending videos back and

TABC and Envision Theater Stage ‘The Caine Mutiny’

The TABC theater department, in conjunction with Envision Theater, put on the play “The Caine Mutiny,” based on the novel by Herman Wouk. The play deals with the issues of the interplay of personal morality versus blind acceptance of authority. Under the expert guidance of Director Rebecca Lopkin, the budding thespians left the

Talmud Teaneck Is Masechet Ma’ayanot

Is this a new tractate of Gemara? Look again! It’s “Talmud Teaneck: Masechet Ma’ayanot,” an original yearbook created and designed by the Class of 2017. The yearbook’s editors-in-chief, Rachel Koolyk and Nava Rosenblatt, described how their class was impacted by the rigorous and interactive manner in

MTA’s ‘The Polis’ Publishes Volume Two of Centennial Edition

Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) is known for its multitude of student publications. “Shema Koleinu” is the weekly Torah newsletter, “Pearls of Wisdom” is the poetry and short story anthology and “The Academy News” is MTA’s student newspaper. But is there an outlet for MTA students to develop scholarly

Bruriah Graduates Another ‘Million Dollar Class’

Bruriah’s twelfth grade graduated last Sunday as a “million dollar class.” Although the sum seems amazingly high, it wasn’t the first time the school’s graduating class earned that moniker, which references the dollar amount of academic and merit scholarships awarded to students by accepting

RKYHS Studio Art Class Visits the Met

The RKYHS studio art class was so inspired at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The class had the opportunity to view and appreciate art from each of the historical periods they have studied this year. They began in Egyptian art marveling at the ancient artifacts and moved on to explore Greek and Roman art in all its

RTMA Senior Class Graduates to High Accolades

The RTMA graduating class of 5777/2017 was an exceptional grade that embodied the division’s slogan “above the code.” The young men demonstrated, over the course of their collective high school career, what it means to lead by example, always striving for more and better, and always doing so

Personalized Siddurim at JKHA Make Tefilla Meaningful

JKHA middle school students studying the Shemoneh Esrei in their weekly tefilla classes are excited as their year long project of creating a “personalized Shemoneh Esrei companion” reaches completion. As they learned about the depth and meaning of each bracha, students entered translations into their siddurim. Students