Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Bruriah JHS Proactively Addresses Technology’s Impact

In an ongoing effort to proactively address the challenges of technology facing students, Bruriah Head of Guidance Dr. Shoshana Friedman recently held an interactive conference call for parents.

During the call, Dr. Friedman shared valuable information about the impact of technology on youth

JKHA Students Create Innovative STEM Amusement Park

JKHA hosted its first ever STEM amusement park. Eighth graders throughout the year have been using the innovative CIJE-Tech Middle School STEM curriculum to learn the basics of engineering, focusing on the engineering design process. Using this process, the students, in collaborative groups, designed,

MTA Mountain Lions Kayak on Pompton and Passaic Rivers

On Tuesday, May 30, the Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) Mountain Lions kayaked the Pompton and Passaic Rivers from Lincoln Park to Little Falls. The highlight of the amazing trip was the discovery of a flock of geese nesting on an island just north of the junction of the rivers. The female geese were sitting on nests

RKYHS Seniors Bond on Their Last Trip Together

The RKYHS graduating Class of 2017 has been extraordinary. To celebrate their achievements, the soon to be graduates embarked on a festive class trip with their teachers and mentors to create one more incredible set of memories. The trip began with fun rides and recreation at Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. They then went to

Final Tish Culminates Ruach and Achdut-Filled Year at JEC Lower School

The JEC Lower School’s final erev Shabbat tish of the year was enhanced last week by, none other than, RTMA Principal Rabbi Ami Neuman, who Lower School Principal Rabbi Uzi Beer described as “growth driven” and “an excellent example of true leadership.” Rabbi Neuman shared with students an

Rabbi Tully Harcsztark Receives Covenant Award for Jewish Educators

Rabbi Tully Harcsztark of Teaneck, founding principal of SAR High School in Riverdale, New York, is one of three educators from across the United States to receive The Covenant Award in recognition of excellence in furthering Jewish education. The award is given annually by the Covenant Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to

Yeshivat Noam Marches for Israel

Schools Celebrate Israel. Ben Porat Yosef

Schools Celebrate Israel. MTA

Schools Celebrate Israel. Yavneh

Schools Celebrate Israel. TABC

Schools Celebrate Israel. Frisch