Sunday, April 30, 2017


Ellis Island Comes to Yeshivat He’Atid

Yeshivat He’Atid fourth graders completed their unit on immigration by setting up a mock immigrant experience, based on Ellis Island. Parents and grandparents were invited to see the project-based learning in action. Students showed a true depth of learning through presentations, written reports and video

Yeshivat Noam Debate Team Wins First Place

Congratulations to the Yeshivat Noam debate team, who competed against Ben Porat Yosef, Yeshiva of Central Queens and Yeshiva of Flatbush and won in several categories, including First Place School. Other impressive awards went to Abi Langer and Ayelet Kurz, who won First Place Best Team; Talia Halstuch and Shira Adler,

HaZamir Hasharon Performs at Ben Porat Yosef

BPY students enjoyed a melodious concert performance by HaZamir Hasharon, one of the six Israeli chapters of the HaZamir International Jewish High School Choir, on Tuesday, March 22. The choir performed some of the repertoire that they will be singing in their concert at the Metropolitan Opera House this Sunday as part of an annual

RYNJ Chesed Sharks Circle ‘Chesed 24/7’ With Love

The RYNJ eighth grade girls’ chesed initiative shark tank of 5777 changed the rules this year. Gabriella Bak, in an eloquent letter to the school’s administration, suggested that Chesed 24/7 be preselected as the spotlight organization of the year. Chesed 24/7 provides services, supplies and food for

TABC Earns First Place in Science Olympiad

TABC’s Science Olympiad team recently competed against 13 area yeshivot in the annual Science Olympiad. The students had been preparing for months for the 12 competitions in areas involving the physical sciences, scientific writing and engineering. Their hard work paid off handsomely, earning them a comfortable overall first

BCHSJS Visits Yad Leah Volunteer Center

This past Sunday, students from the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies had the opportunity to visit the Yad Leah Volunteer Center in Passaic. Prior to their visit, a clothing drive was held at school each Sunday and 12 large bags of new and gently used clothing were collected. During the visit, Jessica

Yavneh Academy Holds Storytelling Festival

“History, Legends, and Innovations” was the focus of Yavneh Academy’s annual fourth grade Storytelling Festival on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21 and 22. Students used storytelling as a method to explore the American presidency, traditional American legends and innovators. They learned about

Jewish Link Co-Publisher Moshe Kinderlehrer Inspires SINAI Students at RYNJ

On Friday March 24, Moshe Kinderlehrer, co-publisher of The Jewish Link, visited Class 4S of SINAI at RYNJ, in River Edge. The class has been working on publishing a SINAI newsletter (called the SINAI Review) and thought it would be interesting to speak to a real publisher to learn what it is like to run a newspaper. Mr.

BPY Fifth Grade Girls Enjoy Meaningful Melave Malka

Ben Porat Yosef fifth grade girls enjoyed a melave malka on Motzei Shabbat, March 18. They learned about and performed the mitzvah of hafrashat challah, enjoyed delicious garlic knots and then took part in a memorable and moving candle ceremony. They heard and saw how precious the light is that is given off by a single

Pesach Has Arrived at Moriah Early Childhood

The Moriah Early Childhood program is hard at work preparing for the Pesach holiday. Kindergarten students had an afikomen treasure hunt, and the nursery students reenacted the Pesach story while learning so many new Hebrew words relating to Pesach and the Seder plate. They are excited for all of the things the

RYNJ Loves the Matzah Factory

Children in the RYNJ ECD had a great time at Morah Mali’s Matzah Factory. The children explored the textures of the flour and dough, learned all about the halachot and enjoyed rolling out their own piece of matzah...all within 18 minutes!


Ma’ayanot-Project Ezrah Genius Bar Takes Off

June Mandeville-Kamins, a psychotherapist, wanted to learn how to create slides for presentations and write articles related to her practice.

Chana Schwarz (not her real name), a stay-at-home mother of four children from Passaic, was thinking of