Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Yavneh Students Collect Costumes for Children

A group of Yavneh Academy girls decided that they wanted to do a Purim chesed project. After brainstorming and consulting with Gayle Clachko, Yavneh director of guidance and student services, the students decided to collect Purim costumes for children whose families are going through financial hardships. An email was sent

Math-Science Expo at TABC Displays Impressive Thinking

The TABC Rabbi Hershel Solnica Memorial Math Science Expo took place this past Tuesday night. In his introductory remarks, Dr. Joel Berman, chair of the science department, related how his rosh yeshiva, many years ago, warned him that the mission of an educator is to get people to think, and most

RYNJ Chemists Are Building With Molecules

Covalent compounds, otherwise known as molecular compounds, are being built in RYNJ chemistry class, as two or more nonmetals share electrons and make cool shapes.


JKHA Lower School Students Love Reading

Lower school joined together to mark the birthday of Dr. Seuss. To celebrate this prolific author, the lower school students spread their love of reading throughout the day, including reading buddy sessions, listening to books by mystery readers, rhyming exercises, art projects and so much more.

LPS Celebrates Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

Preschool students at Lubavitch on the Palisades celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading their favorite Dr. Seuss books, dressing up as the characters and playing rhyming games.


Seuss Is on the Loose at He’Atid (We Don’t Kid)

Yeshivat He’Atid let their fourth and fifth graders loose,

to honor the birthday of the great Dr. Seuss.

Each student chose a book of his or her own,

to show preschoolers that when they are

Sunflower Class at IBECC Enjoys Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ 113th birthday, the children at IBECC learned all about Dr. Seuss and read many of the books he wrote. They wore crazy hats and made a topsy turvy cake to celebrate.


Moriah Participates in Read Across America Day

March 2 was the 20th anniversary of Read Across America Day, a campaign the National Education Association organizes to celebrate national literacy. It is held every March 2, the birthday of the late Dr. Seuss.

Once again Moriah was proud to participate in the

Yeshivat Noam Parents Association Presents an Evening of the Arts

Thanks to a new initiative coordinated by the Yeshivat Noam Parents Association, the Yeshivat Noam community gathered together to celebrate the arts. Students who play an instrument performed in an ensemble together, both the elementary and middle school choirs sang, poetry was recited and art was

BPY Middle School ‘Retreats’ to Kehilat Kesher

Ben Porat Yosef middle school students took a trip to Kehilat Kesher in Englewood on Tuesday, February 28, as an offsite retreat to learn more about the relevance of tefillah to their lives, gaining fresh and inspired perspectives throughout the day. They discussed how to connect deeply with the words

TABC Students Are Accepted to Top Israeli Yeshivot

V’kara Bo Kol Yemei Chayav (Devarim 17:19)—the Torah uses the paradigm of the Jewish king as a model for talmud Torah being a lifelong endeavor. TABC is very proud that, on average, over 90 percent of its talmidim choose to continue learning in Israel after they graduate. This year the talmidim received an impressive 28

Pre-K at Gan Yaldenu in Teaneck Performs the Story of Purim