Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Ice Skating Is the Coolest Activity at Camp 613

One of the best parts about Camp 613 is the ice rink. Campers get to enjoy the ice a few days a week. The boys can skate on their own or play ice hockey. Girls and preschool enjoy free skate and learning some fancy footwork as well. By the second time with their skates on, even the shy skaters have honed their skills and

Summer Is Fun at Summer Playland

Camp Gan Israel Highland Park Has an Amazing Week

Camp 613 Preschool Loves Their Shabbat Party

Preschool listened to a parsha shiur from Rabbi Hyman while they enjoyed a special Shabbat party. What a great way to get ready and excited for Shabbat!.


Camp Counselor Compensation Creates Conundrum

A day camp counselor must welcome children in the morning and keep that happy smile on her face the entire day. She comforts crying kids when they want their parents, wipes their drippy noses, changes campers into their bathing suits, watches them swim with the hot sun beating down on her, then changes the children out of their wet bathing

Shalom Campers Enjoy Their First Week of Camp

Camp Moshava I.O. Begins Another Great Summer

Camp Moshava I.O. is off to a fantastic start for summer 2017! The camp’s educational theme of “Moshevet Yerushalayim,” celebrating 50 years of the unification of Jerusalem, has just begun.


Camp 613 Is Off to a Wonderful Start

Camp 613 is off to a wonderful, ruachdik, fun-filled season!


Moriah Teachers Make Time for Summertime Professional Development

It may be summer, but Moriah is always dedicated to the professional advancement of their staff. Last week, Moriah sent both elementary and middle school teachers to an illuminating professional development seminar on Expository Writing Instruction at two different locations with experts Betsy M. Duffy and Judy

RYNJ Celebrates Chagigat Siddur

Mazal Tov to RYNJ kindergarten yeladim on receiving their siddurim.


Gan Yaldenu Loves Camp

Moriah Graduates 46th Class

The wonderful Class of 2017 graduated from Moriah on Tuesday night, June 20. Family, friends and faculty were honored to celebrate their special milestone with them, hear them sing, watch them receive awards and listen to the class speakers. They looked on with pride, joy and nostalgia as the graduates received