Wednesday, August 23, 2017


LSNS Experiences Under the Sea Week

The campers at the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School Summer Program jumped right into summer with Under the Sea Week. The children enjoyed many “fishy” activities such as relay races, find the octopus and fish-themed arts and crafts.


Teach NJS Heralds Big Win in State Budget

Trenton—After very strained budget negotiations and an ensuing three-day government shutdown, Teach NJ reported that New Jersey passed a $40 million budget that includes a significant increase in aid for nonpublic school students in New Jersey, which is good news for Jewish day schools and yeshivot. Teach NJS is

Yavneh Academy Teachers Selected to Present at Prestigious Education Conference

As summer approaches and the school year draws to a close, most teachers look forward to a well-deserved break from teaching. However, for a select handful of Yavneh Academy educators, the teaching will continue for a bit longer, but with a very different audience in a very different venue.

Camp Shalom Has a Splashing Good Time

TABC’s Olam HaChochma Holds Annual Banquet

The TABC Distinguished Scholars Program held its annual banquet recently. The rising sophomore scholars engaged in presentations throughout the year which taught them how to properly research and subsequently present their future findings. The banquet afforded them the opportunity to present their preliminary ideas for

RYNJ Recognizes Its Young Authors

The entire RYNJ first grade celebrated a big accomplishment at their publishing party last week. Each student worked hard writing and illustrating a book of their own. They created characters, a setting, a problem and solution and wove them into an original story. RYNJ is so proud of its young authors.

Yeshivat Noam Fourth Graders Explore Estuaries

The fourth graders were “Estuary Explorers” on their class trip to the Meadowlands Environment Center. The students used a dip net to explore what animals live in brackish water in an estuary. They filled containers with their findings and observed them under a microscope. After,

BPY Kindergarten Advances to First Grade

Ben Porat Yosef kindergarten students celebrated their accomplishments and their advancement to first grade, on Wednesday, June 21. They were applauded by family and friends as they marched in and marked the occasion with special songs. Each student received an award that characterized his or her special interests and qualities.

Yeshivat Noam Kindergarten Graduates

LPS Enjoys Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten children at Lubavitch on the Palisades celebrated the culmination of their preschool experience with a special award ceremony, performance and video presentation. Children and their guests were also treated to a bagel breakfast following the graduation.


BPY Third Grade Celebrates Mishna Knowledge

Ben Porat Yosef third grade students celebrated held a special Mishna party at the end of the year. Students were challenged, via a fun and interactive quiz, to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of Pirkei Avot. They did not disappoint!


Moriah Kindergarten Holds Alef Bet Celebration

This week, Moriah kindergarten enjoyed an alef bet celebration as a culmination to their study of the alef bet this year. Moriah is so proud of all that they accomplished this year. First grade, here they come!