Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Ma’ayanot Hosts Purim Carnival for SINAI Students

Ma’ayanot seniors hosted a Purim 

carnival for children from SINAI at RYNJ.


Ma’ayanot’s Annual Rapid-Response NCSY Mission Visits NOLA

On Wednesday, February 22, twenty-four eager Ma’ayanot students (myself included) flew out of Newark Airport, accompanied by three NCSY advisors as well as Regional Director Rabbi Eitan Katz, and our teachers Rabbi Zev Prince and Ms. Sarah Gordon. What followed were four jam-packed, chesed-filled days

RTMA Welcomes a Jewish Hero

On Friday, March 3, students at the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy were treated to a rare opportunity to hear directly from a modern-day Jewish hero.

Described by RTMA Principal Rabbi Ami Neuman as “a man who stands here as a symbol of everything we can aspire and grow to as human

MTA and Makor Chaim Students Spend Shabbat in Philly

Last weekend, the visiting Makor Chaim exchange students spent Shabbat at the home of the Libesman family in Lower Merion, a suburb of Philadelphia, accompanied by seven of the 11th graders who were on the Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) program at Makor Chaim last year. The Friday night and Shabbat day meals

Bruriah’s ‘Jerusalem Is Mine’ Plays to Capacity Crowds

In back to back evening performances, Bruriah’s “Jerusalem Is Mine” played to full houses, filling the renowned Bruriah Ballroom to capacity for two nights running.

On Sunday evening, the school held its annual Mother-Daughter run of the school production, which involved

RKYHS Students Perform Chesed Shel Emet at Philadelphia Cemetery

Thirteen students from the RKYHS junior class volunteered with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia to help clean up and restore the vandalized Mt. Carmel cemetery. The students saw firsthand the devastation that took place at the site over the weekend and were given a brief background and context overview by a

JEC Adar Pep Rally Demonstrates the Mantra #Proud2beJEC

More than just a slogan, the JEC Lower School’s #Proud2beJEC mantra was enthusiastically reflected last week when the division held a pep rally as part of their roster of special activities over the month of Adar.

With students and faculty alike dressed in the lower

RKYHS Sophomores Enjoy Bonding at Sophomore Sleep-In

The RKYHS sophomores had an amazing night of bonding with their fellow classmates at the “Sophomore Sleep-In.” The event was jam-packed with programming. The evening and night (and early morning) were filled with activities including cheering at a RKYHS varsity playoff basketball game followed by dinner out, bowling and

Butterfly Class at Iris Berman Early Childhood Center Is Excited for Spring

In the beginning of the year, the children at IBECC planted a garden of beautiful flowers. They also planted bulbs that would wait until the spring to grow. Recently, on their way to the playground, they stopped to observe the garden. They noticed that the bulbs were starting to sprout. They were so

RTMA Heads to Midwest in Mission of Chesed and Jewish Solidarity

Twelve RTMA students had the opportunity of a lifetime as they participated in a special NCSY-sponsored chesed trip to Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, last weekend.

The trip, developed especially for RTMA and led by Central and Southern NCSY Director

‘V’nahafoch Hu’ Happens at Yeshivat Netivot

Students of Yeshivat Netivot Montessori ushered in Rosh Chodesh Adar with Opposite Day, celebrating ‘V’nahafoch Hu’ and how “everything was turned upside down” in the Purim Megillah. Infants to middle schoolers, as well as teachers and administrators, got into the joyous spirit of the month by

MTA Excels at the Annual Great Debate

On Sunday afternoon, February 26, Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) hosted the 28th annual Great Debate, which has been a longstanding tradition in MTA. On average, the event hosts the most debaters and some of the most sensational and competitive debates coming from the most experienced debaters in