Sunday, September 22, 2019

Business Spotlight

2018 J-Biz Expo to Be Held at Legendary Bell Works ‘Metroburb’

(Courtesy of J-Biz) Entrepreneurs and professionals who are eagerly awaiting the annual J-Biz Expo and Conference, which is hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, finally have a date and location to mark on their calendars.

The 2018 Expo and Conference will be held on Tuesday, June

Akiva Tolchin Aims to Promote Affordable Healthy Lifestyle

Following an arduous battle with a chronic illness, Teaneck resident and TABC alum Akiva Tolchin is excited to be sharing information about affordable healthy living. A musician by profession, Tolchin has partnered with Live Green, a wholesale market dedicated to making organic foods cost-efficient, where he serves as an

Coin Collector Turns Passion Into Business

Yosef Baker keeps a pruta from Yehudah Aristobulus in his wallet. Yosef has no intention of spending this 2200-year-old Judean coin; rather, the owner of BSD Coins carries it as a conversation piece that bridges two of his favorite subjects: numismatics and ancient history.

As a young

GymPros: A Venture Into Monsey’s  Premier Jewish Gymnastics Program

It was supposed to be a 10-minute peek at GymPros. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. My babysitter wanted to know if I was okay because more than an hour had passed without me noticing. I didn’t hear the phone at first because I was so totally enamored by what I was seeing—a fully functioning, professional, frum gymnastics

Wellness Motivations Can Jump-Start a Healthier Lifestyle

Pesach memories are fading. Big potato-laden, matzah-heavy menus are being retired until next year. But the desire to snack, keep humming Dayeinu and commit to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging for some. Enter Health Coach Beth (Bassie) Taubes, RN, OCN, CBCN, CYT, owner of Wellness Motivations, located in

‘How About a Night at the Races?’

Early in my career, I volunteered for a nonprofit organization that was trying to raise money to meet its daily obligations. When I joined, one of my first recommendations was to form a development committee to address organizational fundraising. It generally helps to solicit the input of the brightest minds around, whose singular

Lori Freudenberger-Nelson Joins JVS MetroWest as Director of Development

(Courtesy of JVS) Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) of MetroWest New Jersey has appointed Lori Freudenberger-Nelson as director of development. In this role, she will advocate for the social-impact organization’s Jewish values and its mission of helping people help themselves through innovative programs in training, education and

Bullies Have Left the Playground

If you have ever experienced an office bully, if your strained relationship makes you feel unproductive and if you go to work with a knot in your stomach, then you are not alone. In 2013, the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) reported that 35 percent of the U.S. workforce has experienced workplace bullying. Bullies yell, spread

Money to Burn

It’s almost Pesach and you know what that means: cleaning, cooking and finally getting rid of those dried-out branches on top of the Aron Kodesh!

Yes, as I glanced toward the Ark in my shul recently I took note of the willow branches left over from Sukkot and tossed ceremoniously on top of it.

‘Chairdrops’ Chair Covers Bring Personalization, Elegance to the Seder Table

Professional event planner Sol Pearlman, of West Orange’s Make It Snappy, is bringing the latest in dining decor to the greater New Jersey area. Pearlman knows everything there is to know about events, and he brings exciting parties to his clients at a great price.

Families have been

Cinch Expands Selection to Include Perishable Items

Cinch does it again. Brothers Ari and Josh Korman have prepared the perfect afikoman gift. Just in time for Pesach, Cinch is now offering a full selection of perishable items to complement their great selection of bulk-sized groceries from your favorite warehouse club stores.

Association of Jewish Attorneys Launches in NJ

This week the Association of Jewish Attorneys (AJA) officially launched after a year-and-a-half of careful research and planning. The AJA’s Executive Director, Sara Weinberg, JD, supported by an Advisory Board composed of local lawyers, designed the AJA to be a  full-service Jewish bar association focused on providing practical, tangible