Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Business Spotlight

Haredi Entrepreneurship Thrives in Beit Shemesh

Beit Shemesh, located 20 miles west of Je­rusalem with a population of 100,000 people, is home to innovators like Rabbi Joel Padow­itz, whose ventures have a direct relationship with the haredi community.

Padowitz, 36, is co-creator of what he be­lieves is a “game-changing” product for Israe­li tourism and business called the “Israel App.”

Crowdfunding a Kosher Vermont Cheddar

Highland Park—Even visionaries need to have a day job. Mark Bodzin, who works six days a week at the kosher deli counter at ShopRite in Livingston, is on a quest for delicious cheese. His idea: make an award-winning, aged farmstead cheddar, without animal rennet, certified kosher by the Vaad Harabonim of Massachusetts.

Bodzin, who lives in

Tranquil Transitions Assists Mature Adults With Downsizing

Tranquil Transitions, LLC, a household downsizing and estate dispersal business is quickly becoming a household word. Tranquil Transitions assists primarily mature adults and their adult children with the logistics of mov­ing to smaller quarters (including retirement communities) and emptying the residence. An­nette Rion-Masaryk is the executive director and

Bringing Heat: The New Burning Bush (Hot Sauce)

Bergenfield—Nathan Kruman, a Teaneck native, did a brisk busi­ness during the height of pre-Shab­bat shopping last week at Grand & Essex, as he debuted an exciting new hot sauce for the kosher mar­ketplace. Combining traditional hot spices with “ancient herbs from the Middle East,” Burning Bush hot sauce uses a combination of unex­pected

“The Cheese Guy” Pioneers Kosher Artisan Cheese

Teaneck—The Cheese Guy, also known as Brent Delman of Yonkers, NY, recently visited Teaneck for a tasting and demonstration of sev­eral of his Italian cheeses at Glatt Express. His products are wide­ly available in Bergen County, since they’re also carried at Cedar Mar­ket, Ma’adan, Grand & Essex, Tenafly Gourmet Farms, as well as Shoprite and Fairway

Stepping Over the “Wealth Threshhold” (Part 1)

By various statistical measures, financial inequality among Americans is increasing. In short, research indicates rich Americans are getting richer, while the poor and middle class Americans are losing ground. Since the recession, rising economic tides are not floating all boats.

On a macro level, the apparently increasing divergence between rich and poor

The Largest Uninsured Liability Anyone May Face

My father-in-law just turned 100, my sis­ter’s mother-in-law is 93, my friend’s mother just passed away at 95. It is not unusual to hear of people in their 90s, sometimes even in their 100s, and, in, fact, it has been said that this is the fastest-growing portion of our population. But although many are privileged to attain old age, especially with the help of

PrimoKosher Bringing Romanian Meat to Bergen and Beyond

PrimoKosher, an Illinois provider of Ro­manian kosher meat, has recently launched a website (www.PrimoKosher.com) to allow those living outside of Chicago the opportuni­ty to order Romanian meat and have it deliv­ered to their door. It is currently serving the Te­aneck, Bergenfield, New Milford, Englewood, Fair Lawn, West Orange, and Passaic

Dial In to Public Opinion

Do you want to know what new movie oth­er parents think your child may like best? Are you curious as to what New Jerseyans think about a recent policy decision by Governor Chris Christie? Do you need feedback on any­thing at all?

LiveDial is a social polling app for smart­phones that allows users to voice their opin­ions by responding to surveys on

Meet Your Neighborhood Taxi Service - Blue Skies

Cars are often essential for getting from place to place, but people are often unable to drive themselves for a variety of reasons. Blue Skies Car and Courier Service is availa­ble as your personal chauffeur. The service, based in Bergen County and started by Les Weiss three years ago, offers 24/7 service to area airports, bus and train stations, cruise lines, and

OMO Construction: On His Own He Builds Proudly

Construction has several things in common with baking according to David Baumser, owner of OMO Construction, a Shomer Shabbos Passaic and Bergen County company that has been around for over 25 years.

In baking a cake, the baker has to make sure the cake both tastes and looks good. In construction, the contractor has to make sure everything is

Lower Back Pain Relief “As Seen on TV”

Denville—If you found that a $20 product had the ability to lessen or even eliminate chronic or acute low back pain, would you buy it? A company called Top Dog Direct thinks so. To that end, they’ve licensed the BeActive Brace, a soft trigger point compression brace worn just below the knee that claims to ease low back pain that