Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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The Real Estate Connection

Marc Stein, originally from Highland Park, NJ, moved to Teaneck at age 15. He is a graduate of TABC and CUNY Baruch College where he majored in Marketing/Management. He eventually discovered he had a strong passion for real estate and became a licensed broker who has been working in Bergen County for over 11 years. He specializes in first-time New Jersey home

Gildin Named Among Top 40 Effective Fund Raising Consultants

Teaneck—Norman B. Gildin, President, Strategic Fundraising Group LLC, has been named among the top 40 effective fund raising consultants in the country. The announcement was made in Fundraising Digest Weekly, a weekly newsletter of Fundraisinginfo.com, a source for fund raising research that reports on philanthropic news in the U.S. and around the

Local Banker vs. Mortgage Banker

There are two misconceptions regarding local banks versus mortgage banks. First, people think mortgage banks have lower rates than local banks. Second, they assume local banks provide better service than mortgage companies. While in many cases these may be true, you may find the opposite as well.

I often field calls from people asking me to quote an interest

The Enduring Value of an Inheritance

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

– Warren Buffett

Here’s an ironic observation: While our life expectancies have increased, our perspectives on time have shortened, particularly in regard to prosperity, wealth accumulation and inheritance.

Two hundred years

White, Yellow, Pink and Green Gold. Are They All Worth The Same Amount?

People always ask if the different colors of gold have the same purity and value. The simple answer is yes. Now we will try to explain how they get their unique colors and what makes them different.  It mostly has to do with the other metals alloyed with the gold while it is being processed.

Any form of gold other than pure gold (24k) is alloyed with

Shia Getter: The Go-Getter In Israeli Real Estate

Most of us who have relatives or friends living in Israel or looking to live in Israel have their “war” stories about buying a home there. The perfect example is my neighbor, who is still waiting for his new apartment in Jerusalem to be ready, a mere seven years after he put down his first deposit. They still don’t know when they will be able to move in

Five Tips to Getting Your First Mortgage

Congratulations on deciding to buy your first house, that’s a very big deal. But the process you face is an even bigger one.

If you plan to pay for your house with a suitcase full of cash, this article isn’t for you. But if you’re like the rest of us and are about to look into mortgages, there are some things you should know. Financing a home is a process

Local Residents Partner with Yashar LaChayal to Honor the Memory of Ari & Sari Horowitz

East Brunswick—Less than a year ago, on September 15, 2012, several citizens of East Brunswick were victims of a tragic accident outside the Young Israel there.  Among the fatalities were Ari and Sari Horowitz, long-time residents and members of the Young Israel.

The Horowitz’s were ardent supporters of Israel.  Ari joined the Israel

Myths and Reality of Precious Stones and Diamonds

In today’s market, precious stones like the diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald command a premium price due to their color, brilliance, and rarity. A common mistake often made by buyers of genuine colored gemstones is the belief that some stones are precious and some stones are only semi-precious. While precious stones are obviously more famous, this does

The Greatest Wealth Transfer Ever: Undone

Americans born in the early 20th century who weathered the Great Depression, won World War II and birthed the Baby Boomers, have often been referred to as the “Greatest Generation”—referencing a best-selling book of the same name written in 1998 by Tom Brokaw. The Greatest Generation was projected to make one last imprint on American history: Through

Current Trends in the Banking Industry and the Effects on Local Banks

The current low interest rate environment is affecting banks’ profit margins. Less profit, coupled with a decrease in customer visits to branch offices, are contributing to bank’s decisions to reduce staff and close branches. Bank of America has been the most aggressive in closing branches. Last year it closed 256 branches and only opened 12. Bank of America could

Rabbi Brander Speaks at First UK Conference for Rabbinic Leaders Organized by New Chief Rabbi-Elect

July 23, 2013, New York, NY—Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Vice President for University and Community Life and the David Mitzner Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future at Yeshiva University, delivered three lectures at a rabbinic conference organized by Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi-Elect of the United Kingdom.