Saturday, July 20, 2019

Business Spotlight

All You Ever Need to Know About LinkedIn

(Courtesy of Parnassah Network) It is no secret that for most businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is the most effective online networking tool around. Whether you gain the clients, customers and connections you dream of, or you get lost in the crowd, depends on the quality of your profile, network and targeting.

Emily’s Caregiving Services Expand Into NJ

Emily’s Services provides 24-hour caregiving services to the elderly and new mothers. The company was started by Avigail Rafael, after a chance meeting with a needy family in Borough Park, Brooklyn. She assisted the family, and her kindness was repaid as word spread of her innate ability to nurture and care for the elderly. She was

B-Seed: Helping Investors Grow Financially With Israeli Innovation

(Courtesy of B-Seed) Hardly a day goes by without news of an Israeli company being bought by a multinational corporation. Buyout records keep rising, as corporations turn to Israeli innovators for new technology. Names like Waze, Mobileye, NeuroDerm and Orbotech are just a few of the many buyouts that turned Israeli investors into

Tribeworks Hosts All-New Jewish Business Accelerator Event

(Courtesy of Tribeworks) A hub for business growth, networking and funding, TribeWorks has captured the attention of entrepreneurs and startups from across the Jewish world. Launched by a coalition of leading Jewish non-profits, TribeWorks is the first ever collaborative effort to connect Jewish entrepreneurs with the services,

Foy & Seplowitz Marks Fifth Year of Service to Community

The law firm of Foy & Seplowitz, located on Main Street in Hackensack, is marking its fifth year of service to Bergen County and the surrounding communities. The firm is a boutique law firm dedicated to representing individuals accused of crimes or serious motor vehicle offenses in the state and federal courts of New Jersey and

A&E Fine Art Represents Israel’s Leading Artists

If you have been to Israel recently, maybe just returning from the Sukkot holiday, you know that Israel has developed a thriving art scene, with visual content and styles ranging from Biblical to ultra-modern, religious to abstract. Isaac Aviram has been mentoring and representing Israeli artists

Teaneck Mathnasium Is Under New Management

The Teaneck outpost of the Mathnasium franchise, located on Queen Anne Road, has officially reopened under new management. Now run by Yeshivat Noam and Frisch School parents, Matt and Stefanie Diamond of Teaneck, the learning center and its staff will continue to provide instruction to children in grades K through

Yes, Fundraising Is a Team Sport

Fundraisers and elite military SEALS have much in common. Both are highly dependent on synchronization with others on their teams. In the military, teamwork is essential, as the life of one soldier is dependent on the actions of others in his/her unit. On a much lesser scale of danger, seasoned fundraisers know that individual

Tax Tips for Real Estate Professionals

There are plenty of things that we Americans love. We love food, cars, football, reality TV, central air conditioning and not using the metric system. But this all pales in comparison to our love of houses.

We have a real addiction problem when it comes to houses. Do you or a loved one spend

Career Spotlight on Pharmacy

What do pharmacists do?

The role of the pharmacist has evolved over the past few decades. Historically, the pharmacist’s primary focus was compounding and formulating different medications, and the dispensing of medications based on physician orders. The pharmacist delivered

Employees Want Their Pensions Back

In addition to a guaranteed monthly retirement benefit from your employer, would you also like investment opportunities, funding control and flexible distribution options? This was the question put to workers 30 years ago, in the form of the 401(k), and most of them eagerly said “Yes!”

Olim Advisors Is There Every Step of the Way

Many people, upon returning to the States from a trip to Israel, find themselves dreaming of the day when they will make aliyah. Oftentimes, several weeks later, reality sets in. Of course there are those who follow through on this dream but, for many, it is merely a pipedream. The question is why.