Friday, December 06, 2019

We are living in an age where things cost a lot of money; I am finding over and over that people tend to discard things rather than re-purpose them.  There are so many things that we can find other uses for; everyday things that you would perhaps be very quick to throw out.  I am happy to share some ideas with you.  Try them; you may be very surprised!!!

Take an old cd case; glue it together on all 4 sides, slip your photos in the slots and then use it as a desk holder to corral all your pens, scissors, etc.

Have old crystal light containers?  I know we use a lot of them since we stopped buying soda.  Here are some things you can do with them when they are empty:

Take off the wrapping that it comes with, leave them plain or glue on some decorative paper  and use them for a desk organizer.  I glued three together and use them as a silverware caddy.  You can also fill them with rocks or beans and turn them into Purim groggers. You can use them to hold eyeglasses on your desk or night table.  If you need to mail a small object that is fragile, you can use it to pack in and tape it up and smack a label on it and just send it off; Your object will be totally protected.

Take an old framed picture you no longer use, slide a piece of decorative paper inside and use it to hold bottles of perfume or other toiletries on your dresser or in the bathroom.  I have taken beautifully framed pictures and turned them into Shabbos candle trays.  You can also use old framed mirrors to put your cookies and pick-me-ups  on and serve as is; It makes a stunning presentation.

Use an old toothbrush (or a new one) to clean your mushrooms and other veggies before using.  I also use them to clean my diamond ring and other hard-to-reach crevices.  A toothbrush is also very good to clean around the knobs on your dirty stove or to get around faucets when cleaning.

You can take stale bread and use it for:  the most obvious; French toast, make it into croutons; but I also use it to put under my meat when I broil.  If you do that, you will avoid the grease that turns into smoke and it will keep your broiling smoke free!!!

Keep a piece of unused chalk in your silverware closet; It helps slow down tarnish time.

Don’t throw out your old eyeglass case.  Repurpose it into an evening/wedding bag.  You can glue on some beautiful crystals and jazz it up and it can become a great bag to take to a party!!!

Let me hear some of your creative ideas; email heimishhousehold_gmail.com

By Gail Hochman