Monday, January 20, 2020

Teaneck—Always wanted to show off your “tagging” creds? The ones you practiced on your notebooks in class in 14 different colored markers? Now you can scrawl your thanks in style on a storefront window in Teaneck, legally. More than 20 local merchants and the Teaneck Library are participating in The Gratitude Graffiti Project, a 40-day practice of purposeful appreciation of one’s life through interactive art.

“Through The Gratitude Graffiti Project, participants are no longer ‘spectators’ of art, they are fully engaged in creating the art that expresses their gratitude. Through art, people can contemplate, create and rejuvenate and awaken a whole new perspective on how to look at how great life can be,” says the project’s website (http://thegratitudegraffitiproject.com/).

Stores act as “reminders” or GRATITUDE STOPS, where people walking by can mentally note something they are grateful for or, to take it a step further, they can actually write what they are grateful for that day on a “Gratitude Graffiti” wall, a library card, or a storefront window.

Supplies will be provided to participants through a grant from the Puffin Foundation.

The project launched last year in Maplewood, NJ. “The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we’re “GRATEFUL” to have been participants; we can’t wait for the next project,” says a Maplewood store owner.

Teaneck participants thus far include: The Berkshire Bank, Best Glatt, Carly’z Craze, Comfort Shoes, The Elie Katz Teaneck Museum, G & G Liquors, Smokey Joe’s, State Farm Insurance, The Teaneck General Store and Zoe’s Cupcake Café.

Recruitment will continue until the Graffiti Gala begins on October 20th.