Thursday, November 21, 2019

The New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands opened on June 22 and runs through July 9. This is a great activity and always a lot of fun, but in past years there has always been one problem for kosher-keeping Jews: no food options. The fair has always had strict rules requiring food vendors to be open on Friday nights and Saturdays, making it impossible for a kosher vendor to participate in the fair. That is, until now.

Yuval Graneviz, owner of the Shakshooka food truck, desperately wanted to sell his food at the fair so he petitioned the fair management to allow him to be one of the vendors even though his truck could not be open on Shabbat. His argument was simple: Orthodox Jewish fair attendees have no hot food options while enjoying the fair. Therefore, the benefits of a kosher food vendor’s participation will outweigh his being closed on Friday nights and Saturdays, especially considering the fact that Orthodox Jews will not be at the fair then anyway due to Shabbat.

After much persistence, Graneviz received permission to open his Shakshooka truck at the fair even though it would be closed on Shabbat. “You come to an event and can buy a drink anywhere, but now you can buy food too,” he said. “The Shakshooka truck will be serving hot, fresh and delicious food, and meals will cost around six to eight dollars.”

When you go to the fair, make sure to stop by the Shakshooka truck for a delicious meal.

By Miri Wagner