Friday, January 24, 2020

On Monday, August 5, at its popular monthly Lunch N Learn, the Young Israel of Fort Lee hosted noted author and international lecturer, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, also known as Reb Yankie.

Rabbi Dr. Saul Landa conducted the session in an interview format and asked many tough questions ranging from child abuse to teens at risk and drug addiction as well as LBGTQ in the orthodox community. Reb Yankie was certainly up to all the questions, as he entertained a large and fascinated crowd at the shul.

Rabbi Horowitz who hails from the chasidic community of Monsey, described the reaction of the community to an article he wrote early on entitled “An Ounce of Prevention,” on topics of sexual abuse and teens at risk. The reaction ranged from calling him a mashiach to calling him Haman.

His books on child safety such as the Artscroll Youth Series “Let’s Stay Safe,” can be found in over 100,000 homes in three different languages. He has also authored introductory Talmud volumes to help not only young students to understand Talmudic thought but parents and grandparents, as well.