Tuesday, February 25, 2020

(Courtesy of Bears From Bergenfield) Leave it to the Elaine and Yossi Gilboa family from Tenafly, New York City, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to bring “hearts and hugs” to children recuperating from heart surgery at SACH, located in Holon, Israel. Every child patient likes to wake up to a friendly teddy bear sharing its heart and hugs, particularly when the child patient is a heart patient. That’s where Bears From Bergenfield brings that gift of a smile and hug. By extending the Bears From Bergenfield’s bears bearing hearts and hugs to these child patients via the Gilboa family, everyone bears up with bear pride and smiles. Anyone hoping to donate to this worthy cause in our 18th year of regifting, contact Rabbi Claire Ginsburg Goldstein at Bears From Bergenfield for more details at [email protected]