Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Welcome to Special Needs in Bergen County & Beyond!

We at JLBC are proud to present our first-ever Special Needs pull-out section as part of our biggest paper ever! It is our hope that the next few pages can provide you with an even stronger sense of the many wonderful programs, people, and organizations out there—both in our local community and globally—dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with special

If the Patriarchs Were My Clients

With the Jewish New Year season comes the reading of the book of Genesis. As we read through the ancient stories of the Patriarchs, I am always struck by how contentious the family dynamics were. As a professional financial planner, I sometimes wonder how different world history would have been if the Patriarchs had just done some solid estate planning.

Let me

The Gift of Grit

Not long ago, while wondering what I should choose for my daughter’s Chanukah present, there came to mind a radio program that I had heard. The title of the program was “The Most Meaningful Gift You Ever Received,” and callers were invited to describe what they considered to be their most meaningful present.

Special Needs Legislation

It has been said the moral test of government is how it treats those who are most vulnerable. When the new legislative session began a few weeks ago, I was reappointed to Chair the Assembly Human Services Committee. My mission is to make sure that New Jersey meets that test and fulfills its obligation to protect and support individuals with special needs and their

Educational Opportunity for Special Needs Students

It is a matter of basic fairness that children with special needs are given the opportunity for an education that meets their needs in ways that offer them the best education available. New Jersey has a Special Education law that permits school districts to assign special-needs students to an out-of-district school if necessary, even if the school is nonpublic. This

Special Needs Resources

Bergen County Y Jewish Community Center: Focuses on reinforcing school experiences, developing social and life skills, and creating recreational activities.

YJCC S.A.I.L.: Provides activities for special needs adults.

605 Pasack Road, Washington Township, NJ 07676 | 201-666-610 | www.yjcc.org

Council for

The West Englewood Diet

t for dinner with friends or family I would specify the place to which we were going. “Tonight we are eating at Rabica,” I would announce to my family. Now with the amazing food options on West Englewood Avenue in Teaneck I simply state, “We are eating on West Englewood Avenue.” The entire family is excited because there are so many great options and everybody

Where is Turkey Going?

(Ed. note: What the article does not say is that these imprisoned military leaders were in the forefront of Israel’s alliance with Turkey, and it was one of the reasons they were jailed. Saylorsburg, PA is in the Pocono Mountains about 15 miles from the Delaware Water Gap Bridge.)

The unraveling of relations between Erdogan and Gülen has begun to

Limmud FSU to Commemorate Sharon in Belarus

JerusalemChaim Chesler and Sandra Cahn, Co-founders of Limmud FSU (Former Soviet Union), recently announced that the upcoming Limmud FSU conference in Belarus, taking place this summer, will feature a special event in memory of the late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon whose parents were born in Belarus. The event is expected to take

Ariel Sharon: A Salute

When a close-knit country like Israel, a country that has been tested as much as Israel, loses a man like Prime Minister Sharon, it doesn’t just feel like the loss of a leader, it feels like a death in the family. And many of my fellow Americans, some of whom are here, feel that same sense of loss.

I say to Prime Minister Sharon’s beloved and devoted sons,

Sharon timeline

26 February 1928: Ariel Sharon is born at Kfar Malal. His parents, Samuel and Vera Scheinerman, had arrived six years earlier from Russia

1948: Sharon became commander in Israeli army and particpated in the war of independence

1953: Prime minister

Traffic Tie-Up on The Way to the White House

Chris Christie was virtually coasting to the nation’s capital. With a huge win in November to capture a second term as Governor of New Jersey, Christie turned his attention to the White House and solidified his spot as a front-runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

After showcasing his political prowess with a decisive victory in an