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The Believer


In early 2011, a disgruntled former employee of the Palestinian negotiating team handed Al Jazeera the biggest leak in the history of the Arab-Israeli peace process. The Palestine Papers—a collection of internal emails, working papers, and meeting minutes—contained shocking revelations about the compromises Palestinian leaders had made during the

German TV: How Antisemitic is Germany?

BERLIN – The Jerusalem Post reports that German public television broadcast a documentary last week about modern antisemitism at the heart of German society. It shows the commonality between anti-Israel legislative initiatives from Green Party and neo-Nazi NPD party. Titled Anti-Semitism Today: How hostile is Germany toward Jews?

It’s All About the Stories

When Michael Berenbaum came to Moriah a few months ago to talk to students enrolled in the Names, Not Numbers® program, I thought it was an interesting project, because remembering the past is all about people telling the stories of their lives. The students involved in the program are divided into groups of 4-6 students, and each group researches a Holocaust

Dear God: Thanks, But No Thanks

Eddie Murphy. Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Don Imus. Howard Stern. Soupy Sales. Marv Albert. David Letterman. Chuck Scarborough. All of us are employees of NBC. These are the people for whom I interned and worked for, the people with whom I rode the elevators and shared the same breathing space. The years were 1982-1986, and they were lofty years that I hoped would fulfill

Thankful for Thanksgiving Pies: Sisters Raise $80K for Sharsheret

Teaneck—Last Thanksgiving, 400 pies were baked in a private home in Teaneck, along with 250 loaves of pumpkin-cranberry bread. That’s a lot of sweets for one house. But don’t worry—it’s not just for one family. It’s a pie bake sale with a rich history and a message.

The goal of the bake sale, according to founders Sharon Wieder, a Teaneck

Sderot Hesder Yeshiva Celebrates its 18th Annual Dinner

The last time I was in Sderot was in the summer of 2005, only weeks before the Gaza pullout. What remained in my mind were images of freshly installed and painted missile shelters. This week, in Teaneck, I spent some time at Gotham Burger in Teaneck with Rabbi Dovid Fendel, the founding Rosh Yeshiva and dean of what is formally known as the Max and Ruth Schwartz

Yachad’s Summer Programs Grows for Individuals with Disabilities

On a given school day morning, sometimes as early as 6:00 a.m., Naphtali Tzvi Yehuda Soloveichik will be on YouTube watching camp videos from his past three summers participating in Yachad’s camper program at Camp Morasha. For Naphtali, 17, who attends a private therapeutic school in

Race for Courage

Bergenfield—A parent of a chronically ill or disabled child or the child himself might view an all-expense paid, week-long luxury vacation as just an impossible dream. But Tziporah Wasserman of Bergenfield is working with Kids of Courage to actually make this dream a reality.

Kids of Courage was created to enable sick children and their families to

Cheryl Mandel Inspires At Frisch

A surprising source of inspiration came to the Frisch School on Wednesday with One Family Fund speaker Cheryl  Mandel .

One Family Fund (www.onefamilyfundtogether.org)  is Israel’s premier organization that supports and rehabilitates victims of terror and bereaved families in Israel.

Cheryl’s son Daniel, a 24 year-old Lieutenant in the

Friendship Circle Yedidainu Program Hosted at Moriah & Yavneh

Last Thursday and Friday was the state-wide NJ Educators Convention and public schools were closed. For families with special needs children in the public schools, the Yedidainu program (started originally with Yeshivat Noam) coordinated by the Bergen Friendship Circle offers these parents a solution by providing a day of activities in partnership with local

Chana Mlotek, z”l, (1922-2013)

Chana Mlotek was an extraordinary woman and Yiddish folklorist who worked long and hard to bring a vibrant, exciting, Yiddish culture to Jewish life in America. This included keeping The National Yiddish Theatre-Folksbiene in the spotlight as the showcase of that culture in the 21st century.

Née Eleanor Gordon, Chana got her love of Yiddish culture

Avoiding Weight Gain This Winter

Winter seems to be a time when many people put on some extra weight. Have you ever considered why that is? Here are some of the top reasons and what to do about them.

More layers, more room to hide. The bulky sweaters and loose coats give us that fake comfort and temporary ability to feel denial. I always tell my clients to have one summer