Friday, November 15, 2019


Bon Annee / Shanah Tova

Just about one year ago we davened on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with our friends at Congregation Ahavat Yisroel in Cote St. Luc, a suburb of Montreal. It was the very last time that we would be together as a minyan—that we would fulfill our roles as rabbi and rebbetzin of a group of people that we loved deeply.

Our minyan was not

The Rabbi and the Rapper

SEATTLE—Most Orthodox rabbis who earn the title “emeritus” retire to a quiet life of teaching and learning and visiting the sick. Emeritus Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, who recently retired after decades of service to Seattle’s Sephardic Bikur Cholim congregation, does all of those activities, but now has a new and distinctly unorthodox career—as vocal

The Essence of Marriage

Dear Dr. Glick,

When my wife and I married 15 years ago, everything seemed wonderful. My wife was an amazing person who was funny, fun to be with, and great even with my friends. We got along beautifully together. We decided to get married less than two months after we met. She was very much a detail person, but I thought that was a good thing because I look at

Trying New Things

I generally spend Rosh Hashanah at my parents’ house. This works out very well for me because our minhag is to eat pretty much all the symbolic foods in the simanim booklet, and I have a bunch of little kids who refuse to try anything new.

“Eew!  What’s that?”

“It’s a new fruit.”

“Oh.  I don’t like

Going Crazee at Carly’z Craze

Do you ever wonder about the back story of your favorite shops? Who owns them? Why did they decide to open them?

I wondered this about one of my favorite Teaneck clothing boutiques, Carly’z Craze on Cedar Lane. Carly’z Craze offers fun, fashionable and modest clothing for girls, teens and women, plus great jewelry and accessories. Currently stocked to the

How to Steer Clear of Conflict (Blood) Diamonds

“Conflict diamonds,” also known as blood diamonds, are those sold to fund armed conflict and civil war. Human rights organizations link more than four million deaths and millions more displaced people to the trade in conflict diamonds. Blood diamonds became more prevalent in the 1930’s in Sierra Leone, where top quality gem diamonds were discovered without the

For A Sweet And Healthy New Year

Simanim, or symbols, are a popular feature at many families’ Rosh Hashanah tables. While some make sure to include every last siman from black eyed peas to spinach to beets, it is almost a given that the classics—apples, honey and pomegranate—will find their way to every Rosh Hashanah feast. And while the honey may be a little too sticky and

Inspired Wines for the Upcoming Chagim

Rosh Hashanah

We all want a sweet year, but many of us have graduated past the days of sweet Kiddush wines. But don’t write off sweet wines altogether. To wrap up the perfect yom tov meal, consider a lusciously sweet sipping dessert wine such as the Herzog Reserve Late Harvest Orange Muscat.

Working our way backward, if

Museum Review: Catch the Glow at the Guggenheim

The Guggenhim Museum, Fifth Avenue at 89th Street, through September 25.

Sunday to Wednesday, and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., closed Thursdays. Open on Shabbat until 7:45 p.m.

“Spend a lot of time in the rotunda,” I was told by the lady at the front desk.  “It takes an hour to cycle through all the colors.”

Walking into the

Elisabeth Jenny Jeanne Meynard Maxwell

Dordogne—Elisabeth Jenny Jeanne Meynard Maxwell, of a heroic French revolutionary and Huguenot family, was married to a Holocaust survivor—Leibie Hoch of Sighet. Hoch was one of a brood of Hasidic boys who slept on the same floor in their hut, escaped before he could be deported and became Robert Maxwell, one of the most important international scientific

Release Your Trapped Emotions and Be Your Authentic Self

You won’t dance at a wedding. You won’t sing along with others to a favorite tune. You find it hard to hug. You need financial help, but you won’t reach out for help. Why? You have trapped emotions. They are keeping you from being your authentic self. You are “stuck.” You are also disconnected from Hashem, because with Him you can do all of these

Why Being Interesting Helps You Get Ahead

(StatePoint)—In an age of economic uncertainty, being indispensable at work is crucial to job security. And while developing specific professional skills is important, some experts say that there are intangible factors that are even more important for your long-term success.

“If you’re interesting, people will remember you and want to work with you.