Tuesday, December 10, 2019

For Congregation Anshe Chesed of Linden, New Jersey, the community had no shortage of amazing programming at the shul for all its families, serving both their spiritual and social needs.

Besides the wonderful davening and inspiring drashot by Rabbi Joshua Hess, the kehila helped itself to scrumptious buffet kiddushes, entertained the kids with their annual sukkah hop, and for the adults (yes, adults can have fun too), a rum-themed 21+ Friday night sukkah crawl, complete with divrei Torah at every stop.

Efforts to make this Sukkot even more meaningful started well in advance of the chag. The shul had a public directory of those hosting meals in their sukkot made available for those who were unable to build or buy their own sukkah for the chag. Members eagerly reached out to invite those who needed meals, making it a truly meaningful Sukkot to remember.

The chag was rounded out with energy-filled hakafot on Simchat Torah, one of which was dedicated entirely to getting all the shul kids involved in the dancing! And if that wasn’t enough, as in years past, Anshe Chesed once again participated in OU’s Simchat Torah Together initiative providing thought-provoking women’s learning during Torah reading.