Friday, April 03, 2020

(Courtesy of JCC MetroWest) 

JCC MetroWest is “super” proud to announce the opening of the new Super Duper Café, operated by Coby Adler, owner of Super Duper Bagels in Livingston. The café is kosher and under the supervision of the Va’ad of MetroWest.

The café is currently operating as a soft opening, with a formal unveiling this upcoming April after Passover. The full menu will be ambitious and wide-ranging, sure to suit everyone’s palate. Until that time, Super Duper Café’s selections will be reflective of the unctuous offerings available at the original Super Duper Bagels location, including bagels, spreads, sandwiches, salads and smoothies.

Stuart Raynor, CEO of JCC MetroWest, stated, “We are very excited to welcome Super Duper Café to JCC MetroWest! Coby Adler, owner of Super Duper Bagels, has established an outstanding reputation for the quality of the food served and for excellent customer service. We know in short time our members, visitors and community will feel similarly about our new Super Duper Café. We are thrilled that a new café supervised by the Va’ad of MetroWest is located in our Steiner Court and we look forward to welcoming more members of our community to JCC MetroWest.”