Saturday, February 29, 2020

Essex & Union

Daughters of Israel Activities Director Receives Award

Congratulations to Pamela Oglesby, activities specialist at Daughters of Israel, who was a recipient of The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey’s 2019 “Lester Z. Lieberman Humanism in Healthcare Awards.” The awards dinner took place at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston in July.

AABJ&D Bookcases Dedicated in Memory of Eliot Tannenbaum

Nearly one hundred congregants gathered on Sunday, August 4, at Congregation AABJ&D in West Orange to commemorate the life of Eliot Tannenbaum, who passed away shortly after his 61st birthday on July 18, 2018. As a tribute to Tannenbaum and his love of learning, close friends and family dedicated

JEC Elmora Avenue Shul Invites Women to ‘A Tisha B’Av Experience’

On Sunday, August 11, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the JEC Elmora Avenue Shul will be holding an event for women and girls titled “A Tisha B’Av Experience.” An original cantata and poem will be performed. The cantata is written from the perspectives of a girl at the time of the Churban Bayit Rishon, a student of Rabbi Reuven Bauman, z”l,

JEC Elmora Avenue Shul Presents Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Worldwide Tisha B’Av Event

On Sunday, August 11, the JEC Elmora Avenue Shul will be showing the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation videos. This year’s theme is “V’Ahavta L’Rei’acha Kamocha,” love your fellow like yourself. There are two presentations. Program A will be at 2:30 p.m. featuring HaRav Yitzchok Sorotzkin, Rabbi Fischel

Bris Avrohom Celebrates Six Years at Newark Airport

(Courtesy of Bris Avrohom) Bris Avrohom runs a daily information stand inside Newark International Airport on a daily basis where hundreds of people pass by, have the opportunity to put on tefillin, daven Mincha, get the weekly thought, obtain information about the Jewish holidays and, most importantly, the

Chabad of West Orange Celebrates Annual Dinner With Special Guests

(Courtesy of Chabad of West Orange) Over 200 people attended the Chabad of West Orange annual dinner, honoring Rachelle and Richard Press, Lina and Felix Kanchik and Regina and Ruslan Dimarsky. The theme of the dinner was 6.13, Do A Mitzvah!

The Presses have a long

Union Y Catapults Day Care to the Next Level

The Union YM-YWHA is approaching the end of its first year under new stewardship, and the leadership team could not be happier, both about what they have accomplished to date and what the future holds. The executive team of COO Jani Jonas, Director of Development and Information Technology Jackie Baranoff and

National Association of Chevra Kadisha (NASCK) Addresses Staggering Rate of Jewish Cremation

(Courtesy of NASCK) As a young man, Rabbi Elchonon Zohn began what would become a lifetime career by serving as an overnight shomer for a rebbe at his yeshiva who had died suddenly. His innate sensitivity and eventual expertise in the halachot of death and burial led him to create the National Association of Chevra Kadisha (NASCK) in

Rachel Coalition’s Sabrina Stuart Receives Lester Z. Lieberman Humanism in Healthcare Award

JFS MetroWest is pleased to announce that Sabrina Stuart, LCSW, was selected as a recipient of the Lester Z. Lieberman Humanism in Healthcare Award. Sponsored by the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, this award recognizes the contributions of professionals who work in local direct service healthcare organizations. Those who are

RSVP Center Expands Reading Buddies

The RSVP Center of Essex and Hudson counties is thrilled to announce the expansion of its Reading Buddies program, which connects volunteers age 55+ with elementary school students in Essex County, to Hazel Elementary and Redwood Elementary in West Orange.

Bris Avrohom Marks Rebbe’s Prison Release

A farbrengen was held in honor of the 92nd anniversary of the release of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe from prison on the 12th and 13th of Tammuz. Rabbi 

Mordechai Kanelsky shared the significance of that special day and the message of the

Union Y Plans Casino Night

The Union Y will host Casino Night on Sunday, July 28, at 7 p.m. at the YM-YWHA Union, 501 Green Lane, Union. Great prizes! Sign up now online at uniony.org/casinonight.