Monday, November 18, 2019

JFS announced the launch of its new program, “Working It Out,” a pre-vocational, on-the-job experience to enable individuals with special needs to begin the journey towards more independent function. They are grateful for the generous support from Legacy Heritage Fund, which has enabled them to expand our inclusion programs and services.

Young adults with special needs have dreams and aspirations to join the workforce and obtain employment, just like their peers. However, these young adults often feel that they are not prepared to take the dive, knowing that they do not have the skills required to maintain employment successfully. Recognizing this need, JFS has created a safe place for individuals with special needs to receive hands-on vocational experiences and training. Their trainees have the opportunity to learn what an interview is all about. They will be asked questions about their work and volunteer history, their interests and perceived strengths and weaknesses. Based on their answers during the interview, they will be placed appropriately in a volunteer position. Whether it is helping out in the food pantry, “Dress to Impress” closet or senior center, the volunteers will be given a rich and dynamic experience. Supervision and job coaching are built into the process.

As the program evolves, they hope to identify local employers who are prepared to offer real work opportunities to their clients.

They hope to achieve the goal of preparing their clients to enter the world of work. If you are interested in mentoring, providing a job site at your place of employment or becoming a trainee in the project, please contact Lyndsay Blashka at 973-777-7638, x194 or [email protected].